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Comment Easy solution (Score 1) 369

The fix is very easy.

When you next need to replace your phone, ask yourself the following questions
1. What do I need to actually do with it.
2. Is it a device or a sign?
3. Do I have a few hundred spare $$$ lying around?

If your answers are something like
1. Look cool
2. A sign that I am an amazing person
3. Yes

Then you definitely want an iPhone. The lack of a socket will increase the effect for questions 1 and 2. If, however, your answers more resembles
1. Make phone calls, listen to music, use a tiny pocket computer to do stuff
3. OMG no

then an iPhone is not your best option. What you do get depends on just how enthusiastically you said no to question 4./p.

Comment Re:How much for a de-gorped phone? (Score 1) 198

It was an older 3G phone (I think -- it's been a while), and then I got a SIM card for an assistive voice device, which would never get more than 1 bar (if I was lucky).

How can I try it out without buying one?

Also if you're familiar with the area, I'm in the west San Fernando Valley, if it helps.

Comment Re:How much for a de-gorped phone? (Score 1) 198

Some people who live in areas without good coverage from T-Mobile, considered the most customer-friendly U.S. carrier, may choose Verizon or Sprint in order to avoid AT&T, the U.S. carrier with the worst customer service.

I fall into this category. I do not live in the boonies... I live INSIDE the LA City Limits... and I tried T-Mobile and got no signal. I would drop Verizon like a rock if I could get T-Mobile coverage at my house.

Comment Re:LOL! Serves them right! (Score 1) 180

Wasn't L.A. the only one in recent(!) memory to turn a profit?

And that was probably because everything was already there... The Coliseum, Pauly Pavillion, the Sports Arena (RIP), The Forum, the Rose Bowl...

I think the only thing that really had to be built was the aquatic center, and I think USC covered most of that.

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