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An anonymous reader writes: The online browser-game ManagerLeague is entering its 100th online season. Since the launch of the game in September 2005 almost 1.000.000 people from over 180 countries have played the game. Today, there are 45.000 active players, and the 'oldest' players have been with the game since launch.
ManagerLeague is a football manager game that uses virtual players, rather than actual players. Your abilities as a manager determine the development and success of both your players and the team as a whole. The matches are played in both a league system and a cup system involving players from all over the globe. Two matches are played each weekday, and each season lasts four weeks.

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Submission + - ManagerLeague re-launches after 4 years


Oslo, Norway — August 7, 2009 — After almost a year in development, Fifth Season are launching the much anticipated update to ManagerLeague. ManagerLeague is an online football manager on the web, where the players each manage their own team of virtual players in various national leagues. The game is also available to play in a number of different languages and has players from 114 countries. ManagerLeague is enjoying a user base of around 40.000 players, and is currently receiving around 120 page views per second during peak hours.

It was time to bring the game up to 2009 standards., Christian Lassem says, creator of Managerleague. We've been working hard on this update for a long time, and we're now ready to let everyone get in there and enjoy it. The community has been very positive to what we're doing, and we're looking forward to getting in there with them to play. Oh, and can I say how good it feels to drop the support for IE6 to be able to push for top-notch web-features? There are few web-based games out there who actually dare to do this, but honestly, when you see what is possible to accomplish client-side in a decent browser today, I think more games and services will follow.

The game has received a complete make-over, with completely new graphics, an improved user interface with new functionality and improved game mechanics for a more realistic representation of the player and team development.

The game can be found at: , and is free for anyone to play.

In the launch video, available at:, Patrick Viera is brought in to announce the opening of the new ManagerLeague. Patrick Viera appears courtesy of Diambars, a charitable organization set up by current and former football stars turning childrens passion for football into education, by building schools in Africa. More info can be found at

About ManagerLeague
ManagerLeague was first lauched in September 2005, and has been growing in popularity ever since. The game is available at, and is free to play. Income is generated through the purchase of credits that allow for players to upload their own player pictures, logos, and play training matches to improve their team.

About Fifth Season
Fifth Season is a small company based in Oslo, Norway with three full-time employees. At this time, the only commercial product available from Fifth Season is ManagerLeague."

Comment Stats for (Score 0) 575

I run a web-based online football manager game, and for July, I see:
40.19% Firefox 3
30.05% Internet Explorer 7.0
8.01% Internet Explorer 6.0
6.37% Opera 9
5.95% Chrome
4.49% Internet Explorer 8.0
1.95% Safari
1.65% Firefox 2
98,66% of my traffic consisted of these browsers
42,55 of the traffic was coming from IE
In june, the numbers read:
40.75% Firefox 3
30.06% Internet Explorer 7.0
8.20% Internet Explorer 6.0
6.09% Chrome
6.04% Opera 9
3.39% Internet Explorer 8.0
1.99% Firefox 2
1.86% Safari
98,38% of my traffic consisted of these browsers
41,65 of the traffic was coming from IE
Way back in January, the numbers looked like this:
36.51% Internet Explorer 7.0
35.49% Firefox 3
13.70% Internet Explorer 6.0
4.95% Opera 9
3.92% Firefox 2
1.95% Chrome
1.54% Safari
0.58% Firefox 1
0.40% Internet Explorer 8.0
99,04% of my traffic consisted of these browsers
50,61 of the traffic was coming from IE
Whether anyone feels like making any conclusions based on these numbers, I don't know :)
But from my end, it seems I had the biggest changes in IE/Non-IE ratio in the months November last yer until April this year...

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