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Submission + - Summer of Code Org Application Deadline Approaches (google.com)

chrisd writes: "Hey everyone, just wanted to drop a line reminding open source projects that they only have until March 12th (pst) to apply for Google's Summer of Code. We are accepting more organizations this year than last because we want to add a couple hundred more students to the program, so if you are part of a great project or know someone who is, we'd love to see an application. Please note that this is for organization and not for prospective students, that's not for a few more weeks (see the rogram timeline). Thanks!"

Submission + - Microsoft Submits Licenses for OSI Approval (crynwr.com)

chrisd writes: "Guess who's coming to dinner? Microsoft has submitted both the Microsoft Public License and Microsoft Community license. Jon Rosenberg, a PBM (whatever that is) with the worlds largest software company, submitted them just a few minutes ago, so they've yet to make it into the linked archive. He sent two emails proposing the Microsoft Permissive License and Microsoft Community License. Let's see if we can break some of those comment records!"

Submission + - Summer of Code Student Application Deadline Looms

chrisd writes: "Hi everyone, just wanted to do one last shake of the old tree...the Summer of Code student application deadline is coming up on the 26th. We've got some great applications but I'd love to see more. We're accepting 800 students this year into the program and we have 131 open source organizations who'd love to see you apply. Anyone can talk about open source but you could be coding some with some of the best developmers out there. Apply today."

Submission + - Google Web Toolkit now 100% Open Source

chrisd writes: "When we first released the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) we were focused on building a great tool for people to build AJAX apps with. Now, we're happy to announce that all of the GWT source code is available, including the Java to JavaScript compiler and the debugging browser, under the Apache 2.0 license. If you'd like to see how we pulled off letting you avoid dealing with nasty browser quirks, you should take a look. More importantly, we're running this like a true open source project now: we'll be developing GWT completely in the open, as per our project charter. More info on the GWT blog"

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