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Submission + - ICANN proposal may lead to domain name censorship

Bleep writes: ICANN could be getting into the censorship business. A draft policy governing the creation of TLDs would restrict domain names that 'promote hatred, racism, discrimination of any sort, criminal activity, or any abuse of specific religions or cultures.' Even more disturbing, any member of ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee would be able to freeze a TLD application for any reason. "The new proposal "would essentially make ICANN the arbiter of public policy and morality in the new gTLD space, a frightening prospect for anyone who cares about democracy and free expression," says Robin Gross, the executive director of IP Justice. Gross is a member of ICANN's Non-Commerical Users Constituency (NCUC), and she is promoting an alternate plan that gets rid of the current "contrary to public policy" language. Instead, her proposal is that "the string should not be illegal in the country in which it is registered," which means that national law would be used by each country to determine if a particular TLD should be allowed there.'

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