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Comment Registered sound clip? (Score 1) 191

> Google has likely registered the sound clip from the ad to disable unwanted Home triggers, as it does with its own Google Home commercials. This leaves me wondering if the actors from these commercials are unable to use the service. "OK, Google. *ahem* OK, Google. HEY! OK, GOOGLE! Dammit, it's really me this time!"

Comment I miss duct taping the memory module to the back. (Score 1) 467

Honestly, discovering that a few inches of duct tape could keep the memory expansion pack from wiggling and dumping all of the work that I'd keyed into my ZX81 is by far my fondest computer memory. The sheer JOY of realizing that I'd only have to pound a program into that hellish little keyboard once...

Comment Re:I am very skeptical. (Score 1) 103

My experience with "iPhone people" is that they are very mildly concerned with their phone being able to run the latest OS and _very_ concerned with their phone being able to run the latest incarnation of Messages. Keeping iMessage up to date literally drags the rest of the OS along for the ride.

Comment Re:Paypal too (Score 1) 72

I'm still using the same keyfob that I got when they were first offered. eBay still asks for the code but a year or two ago Paypal changed their setup. Now when I log in to them I have to type in my password with the code tacked onto the end. (example: password123456) Perhaps your email client ate the memo?

Comment Time to read Asimov's Caves of Steel again... (Score 5, Interesting) 39

He watched R. Daneel leave, then said to Clousarr, "You're a chemist?" "I'm a zymologist, if you don't mind." "What's the difference?" Clousan looked lofty. "A chemist is a soup-pusher, a stink- operator. A zymologist is a man who helps keep a few billion people alive. I'm a yeast-culture specialist." "All right," said Baley. But Clousarr went on, "This laboratory keeps New York Yeast going. There isn't one day, not one damned hour, that we haven't got cultures of every strain of yeast in the company growing in our kettles. We check and adjust the food factor requirements. We make sure it's breeding true. We twist the genetics, start the new strains and weed them out, sort out their properties and mold them again. "When New Yorkers started getting strawberries out of season a couple of years back, those weren't strawberries, fella. Those were a special high-sugar yeast culture with true-bred color and just a dash of flavor additive. It was developed right here in this room."

Comment Dumb AND obsessively repetitive... (Score 5, Funny) 346

When I was introduced to (pre-WOW) Warcraft I would annihilate a level by _almost_ completing it. For example, if a requirement was that I needed three buildings to clear the level I'd only build two. Then I'd put the peons to work chopping down every tree, emptying every mine, sucking up every last bit of oil... Once there was nothing more that could be done to rape the landscape THEN I'd move on to the next level. Don't ask me why, it wasn't exactly fun sitting there waiting for them to finish. I just had the urge to take it ALL... I think I was meant to be an upper level executive instead of an admin. :P

Comment One better... (Score 1) 917

> (love it when the firewalls ask to be registered
> before working, and need an internet connection to
> be registered!)

I ordered the free security update cd the Microsoft has out.

I do a clean Win98SE install on a friend's computer.

Onboard video won't go above 640x480 without the driver.

I don't have the driver.

I try to install the critical updates before I go online for the first time.

Disc doesn't work under 800x600. ^-^

(Yes, the update files you need are on the disc but how is Jo Sixpack supposed to figure out which ones to use?!?)

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