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Submission + - $200 Ubuntu PCs On Sale At Wal-Mart (

Placid writes: "The Wired Blog has an article detailing the recent availability of "a custom distribution of Ubuntu Linux and headed for selected Wal-Mart stores".
In direct competition with offerings from Dell and HP, Wal-Mart claims the PC is more responsive than Vista and is touted as a "green machine". From the article:

Touted as a "green" machine, it has a 1.5 Ghz VIA C7 CPU embedded in a Mini-ITX motherboard, 512MB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive. Normally, this would simply mark it as unacceptably low-end for use with modern software. By using the fast Enlightenment desktop manager (instead of heavier-duty alternatives like Gnome or KDE), the makers say it's more responsive than Vista is, even on more powerful computers.
Who's next on the cheap Linux PC bandwagon?"


Submission + - See and clasify all the comments on OOXML ( 3

dominux writes: "All 3489 comments on the OOXML proposed standard have been placed on the website for all to see and meta-comment upon. This is an open collaborative effort to reduce the comments down to a sensible list of unique issues of substance by the time of the Ballot Review Meeting in February. More volunteers are needed to help tag the dupes and find the really important issues that we don't want to get lost or swept off the table. The National Bodies have 30 days after the BRM to change their votes, so it is important they discuss all the most critical and insurmountable issues at the BRM."

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