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Comment Re:Natural progression (Score 2) 149

You have better tools to do more things but those tools came from skilled developers.

Absolutely. But once the tool is written, it can be widely used without the need for a skilled developer at each user's location.

Entirely correct, and that's the purpose of well-crafted tools. The tool user, however, must understand the purpose and limitations of said tool.

Even the most well-crafted tools are subject to abuse by unskilled users. I don't mean someone who uses a spreadsheet to add up columns of numbers or balance a few accounts. I do mean users who (as one example) don't understand databases and so use their spreadsheet as the basis for some thrown-together, integrity-free, error-filled system. These are the users for whom their tool is a hammer and everything else is a nail.

Comment Re:Good lord.... (Score 1) 175

I suspect therefore one of two things, either it is as I say and one broken major software release on a device or set of devices can greatly sway the stats in a quarter due to their broad definition of "fault" or they're just making these numbers up as a clickbait to try and get you to sign up to build up their userbase for monetisation purposes through ad revenue or similar.

I'm swaying towards the second, not that I'm a cynic or anything :)

I've got to second your cynicism. The stats are worthless for just about any practical use.

Comment Re:Constant Development = Totally Unstable (Score 1) 259

Windows 10 gets a lot of criticism around here, but I suspect most of the criticism comes from people who haven't actually use it. If you do use it the reality is far worse.

This is a good point. Having read all the horror stories and comments, I don't want to risk using Windows 10. So, yes, at least implicitly I'm criticizing it without having used it. I'll stick with Linux Mint and very occasional use of a Windows 8.1 partition (which I really don't need except for seldom played games).

Comment Re:Outsourcing vs Inhouse (Score 5, Interesting) 252

Or even make a decision without having to have 18 meetings with people who don't give a rip and don't know anything.

When I becane an IT manager, I instituted a "two meeting" rule. The first meeting to broach and issue and discuss it, and the second meeting to complete the discussion and make a decision.

This enraged people, who wanted multiple meetings spread out over weeks. Great way to avoid accountability but I wouldn't allow it. So people then started coming to me individually, post-decision, trying to get me to reconsider or have another meeting.

Sorry. I would rather have risked a sub-optimal decision than have no decision at all---- and the additional dozen meetings very likely would have resulted in something worse, not better.

I only lasted a few years in that job. Too counter-culture. (I also --- gasp --- got rid of subordinate managers who weren't getting the job done.)

Comment Re:Not strictly Excel's fault (Score 1) 349

While I'm no Microsoft fan, and the Excel default behavior could certainly be better, I can't see my way to making Microsoft take the hit for this. (LibreOffice can be similarly abused, for that matter.)

The issue is multifold:

1) Using a tool not intended for the purpose; spreadsheets may be easy and convenient but everything is not a nail for the spreadsheet hammer.

2) Lack of understanding about how the chosen tool works.

3) Failure to do simple proofing and verification.

This one is down to the researchers, not the software maker.

Comment Re: Linux. (Score 1) 404

I need to run video games and they just don't work right under wine. Quibble is an understatement. The need is bigger than you think. For now, I'll take your suggestion to continue running Windows, thanks.

You don't need to run video games, you want to run video games, and this is true unless your livelihood or something serious depends on those games. So you want to run Windows. And that's just fine. You have freedom of choice, which is as it should be. As I said far above in my original post, I'm not here to try to get people to switch away from something they want, like, or need.

Comment Re: Linux. (Score 1) 404

I'm a web developer and designer, and I NEED windows. If Adobe would produce a Linux version of Photoshop and Illustrator, I could switch, but they won't because they already have all the customers. I suspect there are a LOT of people in a similar situation. One single vendor holding us back from switching.

In my original post, I mentioned mission-critical irreplaceable applications leaving someone with truly no choice. For most graphics people, GIMP, Inkscape, etc., will do the job (many of the assertions to the contrary stem more from lack of familiarity than actual limitations). But I do understand that at the professional high end, there may be features that can't be duplicated or a workflow that can't be changed.

Comment Re: Linux. (Score 5, Insightful) 404


Linux user since more than 5 years.

But unfortunately thats not a solution for everybody.

I've been a Linux user for over 20 years and have watched it grow into something that could be a solution for a lot of people.

You're right, not everybody; I've often said in these forums that if you need or want to run Windows, go run Windows. I'm not here to try to make you change.

But the need to run Windows is, I think, often quite overstated. It's certainly the case when you have some mission-critical software that simply can't be replaced. It's true if you want to do certain classes of gaming. And sometimes it's true when you need 100% document compatibility with entities that insist on Microsoft Office.

My quibble is that there are many who want to run Windows but say they need to run Windows, when they very likely don't. If it's a want rather than a need, fine, go for it, but don't claim that your choice is truly based on Linux's inability to perform.

Comment Re: Shut it down!! (Score 4, Insightful) 36

Everyone else cares about applications to do their work.

I shouldn't reply to a trolling AC, but I want to state that I run Linux precisely because I care about having the applications and tools I need to do my work, and on Linux I have everything I need, while retaining full control over my environment. I'm less vulnerable to exploits, I don't have telemetry sending back my every move, I install updates when I wish and not when they are forced on me, and I don't have to deal with or get rid of crappy "apps" and crappier live tiles.

I don't get excited over the kernel or the toolkits any further than their being open-source, free, of good quality, and all in all enablers of doing my work freely and on my own terms.

When you say that "everyone" cares about applications to do their work, you push aside one of the biggest objections I hear about Linux, which comes from the gaming community who can't run their favorite new games on Linux. To me that says Windows is as much about games as it is about doing work. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's contrary to your statement.

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