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Journal chill's Journal: Applying for a Job, #3 4

Online Education

I'm not all that impressed with online BS grads knowledge, but unfortunately that could be because most of them don't offer real degrees ala my last entry.

Most of the CS-style degrees seem to be more along the lines of certificate-mill collections where people memorize, regurgitate and advance.

What I really question, though, is the online MS degrees.

A Masters? Really? Only one year (9 months, really) after receiving your Bachelors? And while working full-time? That could explain why your thesis reads more like a freshman term paper.

I've met a couple people who I could believe it, but they had 10+ years experience in the field and were already published before getting their online MS.

A Master's should *MEAN* something, damn it!

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Applying for a Job, #3

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  • What types of schools are you seeing online degrees from? I'm starting to see some of the major state schools offer online degrees in engineering related fields. I think over the next 10 years or so it'll become more and more common. I've got to say I agree with you about the people with B.S. degrees. I wouldn't hire most of the people I went to school with.
    • by chill ( 34294 )

      Biggies seem to be:

      Strayer University
      University of Phoenix
      American Intercontinental University

      I think Strayer was popular in my case because they are big in Virginia and I'm hiring in Washington, DC area.

      • The University of Phoenix has about 8 local operations in the vicinity of DC. They also rent the classrooms to companies that want to do training and don't have the needed office space.

        • by chill ( 34294 )

          Yeah, they're like that all over. I remember local offices in both Chicago and Spokane when I was there.

          You have to take their first class, and every few exams, in person. Most of the rest can be done online.

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