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Comment Re:Just another f***ing kludge to get around (Score 1) 129

im sick of ./configure scripts that spit out syntax error on bracket )

Theres nothing wrong with perl, it looks like C, is easy to write, is NOT messy, unless your brain is fucked up.

Iam sick of coders using 45 meg of modules to save 3 lines of code, as they cannot code anything more than 5 lines of complexity, so just use another lib.

Comment or use react..... whoops (Score 1) 129

oH whoops, cant use a facebook framework/jsx.


why cant google use its own technologies, such as Polymer/webcomponents

But youtube interface sucks , thumbnails have no tooltips, dont show time stamps. When a paused video in full screen goes to window mode, it starts play back again. Also they show ads that are longer than the videos sometimes, (39min ad for 4min video)

Where is the SBS mode 3D interface for 3dTVs ? I can play back SBS 3d videos, but the interface web page it self is not in 3d mode, or even viewable in 3d mode.

Comment Re:The human fund (Score 1) 399

I cant imagine 2 million people speaking at a conference.

Dude, some people have family, some companies have long term futures, where it is secure.

Some companies hire contractors to do the shity boring work, while the best do the design/inventing in house. Why would you give your secrets away to bloody contractors.

Oh and btw, yes contractors are a rip off, 20-30% fees to hire firms. Fuck that.

But some people are rich, and only want to work 2 days a week, or 3 months a year, then contracting is fine.

Never ever think its one way for all people, thats communism. Variety is important.

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