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Comment Your Anus is not its real name. (Score 1) 84

Herschel did not name the planet Uranus, he called it "the Georgium Sidus" (the Georgian Planet) in honor of King George III of England.

Though they should build two more new probes, identical and send one to uranus and one to neptune.

Common whats 4-6 billion dollars, a weeks military budget.

Just print so more fuking money retards, or ask bill gates to pay for it or bloody just bill it to Apple, since they pay no taxes

Comment are you so clueless? (Score 0) 274

Get a clue MR.

Setup a persistent connection .

Btw, slashdot "Slashdot requires you to wait between each successful posting of a comment to allow everyone a fair chance at posting a comment.
It's been 4 minutes since you last successfully posted a comment"

Really means.

How perl code is so shit, we can only handle 50 posts per minute worldwide, please slow down.

Comment screw kindle, its obsolete, ditch it (Score 1) 1

Who would want to use it.
Just get an android that costs the same or less.
But really Amazon, how hard is it to add features, get a clue, your dumb ass new age programmers havent heard of 'settings' like the old days in the 90s, where every god damn thing had a option 0....100.
Even if the options were stupid, let users choose, stop being STALIN

Comment Just ask the CIA/NSA/DOD for secrets (Score 1, Funny) 207

Im sure the govt has many secrets and break thrus that they are keeping secret.

Imagine if it was easy to create a worm hole to cut a planet in half, ISIS would dare do that and we dont need some wacko muslim doing that.

And yes there is a secret shadow govt, and secret highly advanced break away civilization with tech decades beyond mainstream, that probably has deep space convoys and ships and far off bases etc.

Comment Install Win10 mobile, on any Snapdragon Mobile (Score 1) 126

All MS has to do, is port win10 mobile to more common android devices.

You can already install win8 mobile to android snapdragon samsung devices.

Imagine if you could install Win 10 mobile, on ANY android phone, MS could kill all the crap android devices without making any hardware, they just have to port it with a team of 1000 engineers to the top 25 brands, and make it easy to install like windows to desktops.

Comment blame Nixon the stupid fwit pres (Score 1) 131

after the moon landings they had the earth rise photo on the wall on the oval office.

a year later they replaced it with a stupid tree painting, that's the true level of commitment to space by dumb fucks in office that are nothing more than high school jocks in a suit.

nasa also got a retard looser for a head that didn't want to be there.

fact is, USA and corporations would rather spend $20 trillion dollars over 40 years on wars and military, while nasa gets a few crumbs. Criminals they all are in office, utter scum.

"Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works director had admitted in his Deathbed Confession that Extrat errestrial UFO visitors are real and the U.S. Military travel among stars."

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