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Comment you dont know women do you (Score 1) 167


Maybe she didnt want it to be touched with in the first place no matter what.

But personally I think all mac people are stupid because they trust apples icloud crap shit, when you can backup 1tb photos to flickr, or unlimited to google.

iCloud, fuck, what a joke , 5gb, pile of shit.

Comment Re:That's not a problem for Apple (Score 0) 167

hey, we are just pointing out apples outrages prices, selling 3 year old hardware and 0 day prices.

also another very little known fact, they even increase the price of refurbished models, when the latest model ASP prices go up, so the old models are not too cheap.

ie, if a 2 year old laptop is sold at $1200, then when a new model gets released, that same old $1200 model goes up in price to say $1350 for no reason other than not to appear TOO cheap compared to the new models. And in other countries where currency rates change, that should not be an issue because refurbished models are sourced locally so should always be relative to original purchase price, not latest retail price.

Comment or use office365 (Score 1) 557

either use online or use google apps.

Which ever $/user/month suits you.

Saves you in power bills and running hardware, give the old server away to your IT guy or ebay it.

Its amazing how many quad core xeon 3ghz, 16gb ram servers you can find for under $500 online. If anything, good for a home cloud/server.

Comment 10 years in outlook? little new features (Score 1) 557

Besides looking a bit different, and fixing serious shit bugs, outlook 2015+ is hardly any different to 2007.

Why cant people use software for 10 years + like they use cars, its not like software degrades over time like food, it still works, just companies dont fix bugs.

Ahh i know, its policy to always have bugs, never fix anoyying bugs in present released, but only in new releases so that people have to upgrade.

Comment You can optimize, which you young ones are shit at (Score 1, Offtopic) 236

Yeah, so how many wankers use a 45meg library to read a 1kb XML config file, when you could have just made a simpler ascii format and wrote the code your self. Or your lazy coders who use sqllite for tiny configs, as you cant code for shit to store csv config files.

No wonder 2gb android with quadcores runs so shit compared to a 500mhz windowsXp box from year 2001.

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