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Journal Journal: DRM

I am reading an article about RMS views on DRM. (
In it Stallman states...

GPLv3 explicitly asks software makers to provide whatever digital keys they use such that people who wish to run modified versions of the software can do so by using this key on their modified version. At the 3rd international conference on GPLv3, held in Barcelona in June, RMS said, "They can design the hardware so that it requires the binaries to be signed by a certain signature key in order to run, but they must give you the signature key so that you can sign your modified binaries. They must give you whatever it takes to authorize your version so that it will run."

I am glad he is allowing for this in the GPL v3. Some people of course balk at trusted computing and DRM. However in some sectors (especially defense) you need the ability to have trusted/verified design (this corresponds to A1 certification in the OrangeBook specs). Also I would imagine that consumers/general public would like the ability to verify that there systems haven't been tampered with. However it still allows people who modify there systems to run modified code. While many(most?) people won't want that they will want the ability to verify integrity. This is a huge advantage to DRM/trusted computing. In my opinon trusted computing is simply brining verified design to the masses. Which is a good thing. Due to the fact that it makes the individual systems more secure and therefore the internet more secure.

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Journal Journal: New Browser

While helping my wife subscribe to my lj b log I saw how cool Flock was. It has been mentioned a few times on /. and the reason I installed it for my wife was because she is on an AMD Turion 64 bit system and needed flash. This story mentioned that flash worked on AMD 64 bit machines. This was super cool. Anyway it has lots of nifty web 2.0/community features. Really nice RSS support (which I have been wanting for a while). I had settled on Thunderbird as sort of a one stop information manager (e-mail/newsgroups/blogs) and Ipodder/Juicer or CastPodder for podcast management. It looks like Flock will give me all of that and more.
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Journal Journal: Vmware

I am installing Vmware Server on my laptop. This will allow me to do OSER development/testing without needing a network connection. Starting Monday August 7th I will have a 2 hour commute each day (1 hour each way) and will be using the Metrolink. So that is time that I can focus on OSER development without any distractions (like Slashdot LOL).

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Journal Journal: A second blog

I have decided to start using my slashdot journal as a place for technical postings. I will be blogging/journaling about my Exchange replacement as well as other Linux/Open Source topics.

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