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Comment Re:Classifed? Well, there's your problem (Score 4, Insightful) 110

Why not a moratorium on laws? Require a current law to drop for every new law passed? I'm only half joking here. Seriously, how long can we go on passing new laws every day of every year until every human activity is either against the law, or mandated by law? Freedom loses all meaning. We're essentially approaching an era of legal "whitelist" tyranny; all actions implicitly denied except those mandated. Then, just in order to live our lives we'll always be in violation of some laws, and "the law" will have no meaning beyond a pretext for enforcing political control.

Comment Re:End of Great Britain? (Score 1) 1592

It is not xenophobia to desire to control one's borders. The U.S. has extensive legal immigration, where known people make a legal commitment to integrate into our society and obey our laws. What many seek to control is illegal immigration, where unknown people seek to live apart from our laws, are free to commit crimes, simply change location and identity when arrested and released on bail, or commit crimes and slip back across the border only to return when the heat dissipates. Also, it is not xenophobia to welcome people who commit to integrate as member of our society while not welcoming those who wish to enter out country and remain apart while work against our customs, traditions and mores. So, as you would likely not welcome foreigners making uninformed judgments about your country, I will refrain from making uninformed judgments about yours.

Comment Re:plus interest? (Score 1) 180

I stand in support of the haters of COMCAST! Why not? It's just too easy. I mean, who among us that have suffered the atrocious technical and even worse customer service doesn't hate COMCAST? Of course, having moved away from a COMCAST monopoly area into a Verizon FIOS area, I have updated my hate register to include Verizon. The only provider that I never quite grew to hate was DirectTV, but, alas, I callously ditched them with nary a second glance for Verizon when offered what I thought was a better deal at the time to bundle everything. What the hell, everybody sucks. Get off my lawn.

Comment Re: BINGO (Score 1) 268

In Federal Agencies, the IT leads are generally government employees. However, the actual IT work is largely contracted out to industry. Google "IT Service Companies Washington DC area," and, for me it returns, "About 219,000,000 results (0.66 seconds)." This model applies pretty much across the board at the Federal, State and Local level. There are a few exceptions, for example in certain OCONUS enclaves, such as expeditionary/military. Some contractors deliver outstanding service. Some mediocre. A few perform outright incompetently, at least for the time period between re-competition RFP's, excluding those fired outright for gross incompetence. I'm sure there's a distribution curve for IT service competence, like everything else. All humans are flawed. Life becomes harder the more flawed one is in areas that on the job.

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