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Comment Re:On the contrary (Score 1) 392

Where it most definitely does not make sense is in passenger cars, where the moronic part of our population (that is, most of it)...

Why do you think having a bunch of morons behind the wheel is better than Tesla's half-baked "Autopilot"? At least with the Tesla there's something watching the road 100% of the time, rather than looking down at their phone. Even if it is flawed, let's not pretend that the alternative is perfect.

Comment Re:People will get lazier and dumber (Score 1) 440

So how much automation is the correct amount? Should we get rid of automatic transmissions? Go back to carburetors and make everyone know how to use a choke valve? Let's lose electric start and make all cars start up with hand cranks. This will make people smarter, more skilled, and less lazy, right?

Comment Re:Why isn't it the trucks fault (Score 1) 379

This seems like it would have helped. With bars lower on the sides of the trailer, the sensors would have a better chance of detecting it and then braking to avoid the accident. Even if the trailer still wasn't seen, if the bars were able to prevent the Tesla from going under the trailer and shearing the top, a fatality may have been avoided. I would guess the trucking industry is probably against such regulations as they will make for heavier, more expensive, less fuel efficient trailers.

Comment Re:Headphone jack is important (Score 1) 289

Same here. I enjoy my iPhone 6 and really enjoy the ease of sharing and interacting with everyone else who has an iPhone, but I am too invested in the 3.5mm headphone jack to give it up. That standard has been around since 1964, and Apple is deluded if they think they can make it disappear. I'm sure there will be an adapter, but unless they're a buck a piece, tiny, and allow you to still charge your phone, then no thanks.

Comment Re:To make it worth it. (Score 1) 427

I'm with you. The only other feature I would add is to be aesthetically pleasing. I don't have giant wrists/hands so I don't want a giant watch. I'd like to be able to switch out the watch band to any aftermarket one I like. It seems like the watch we want doesn't really need to be "smart" at all. I think Bluetooth could handle all of those features.

Comment Re:GEOS! (Score 1) 654

Yes! I came here to vote for GEOS. My dad installed the 16-bit version on our 486 and it was pretty great. The included apps were solid and fun for a kid to play with. I used GEOS to create a classroom newspaper in the third grade using GEOWrite. I thought it was awesome to be able to create pages with multiple fonts, columns, and graphics. It seemed way better than hacking around in the white on blue screen of WordPerfect. I think we eventually started using Windows 3.1 so we could dial up to the net.

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