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Comment All about battery life (Score 2) 232

I'm interested to see the results of this, too. The idea that a watch needs to be charged daily (or nearly daily) is utterly ridiculous. Like my Palm Pilot 500 which can run for weeks or months on a pair of AAA batteries, I'd rather have something simple that requires little effort than something with a thousand features which requires constant attention, software updates and charging.

The only watch I currently own is a Casio G-Shock which syncs time via WWVB and keeps the battery charged via solar. The battery still needs to be replaced every seven years or so, though. Once I can replace the battery with a supercapacitor, I'd never have to open the watch for any reason, and I'd be happy.

There should be more computing which focuses on doing certain things exceedingly well instead of trying to do everything.

Comment Speculation by a "journalist" (Score 1) 223

We all know that journalism is a thing of the past, and this is a perfect example. The official report says NOTHING about a Power Mac. In 2007, Apple wasn't even selling Power Macs. Furthermore, the report says that the server was experiencing connectivity issues with BlackBerries, not that it couldn't handle the load. I see no mention of load issues in the official report.

Comment I'm sorry... Can that really be called research? (Score 3, Interesting) 75

The first three seconds of the (longer) trailer of the first season lost me with:



What the hell is this? TI-RTOS? Nope. CP/M, or its bastardized cousin, PC/DOS? Nope. Sorry - with a name like "Halt and Catch Fire", I'd have expected something better than stupid TV writer gibberish.

Comment Easily use your own hardware (Score 2) 180

So long as you're just using FiOS for Internet, use your own NAT router (If you're using them for TV, you'll need MoCA for the STBs). Call them up and say this:

I want to switch my ONT from MoCA to ethernet. Please release the hardware lease on my equipment, too. I'm about to connect my new equipment.

That's all you need to do :)

Comment Nobody HAS to have the best to play new games (Score 1) 729

People fetishize PC hardware. Do you NEED to play Crysis at 4K at 90 FPS? No. But people get enjoyment out of trying to get more and more performance. The problem here is that the author is lumping the fetishists in with the regular game players.

Let the fetishists spend their money. Let the rest of the world play at 1080 resolution at 30 FPS.

Oh - Macs don't have three year old hardware. Don't be daft.

Comment Wordpress == phishing (Score 1) 222

Wordpress is designed to be insecure.

There are two simple rules which apply to many things in multi-user computing and, therefore, also to CGI:

Don't allow execution where you can write.
Don't allow writing where you can execute.

Wordpress fails this miserably, which is why Wordpress is the top phishing hosting platform on the planet. They've said that they don't want to change this because they prefer ease to end users over doing things properly. This is a horrible idea because people don't update when things are working, particularly if they know so little that they require this "ease".

In the opinion of many people who AREN'T Wordpress developers, you don't make something both simple AND insecure - you stick with secure, and if that's too complicated for some people, then that should be their problem. Don't foist that insecurity on everyone because of the inabilities of some people.

The solution is simple: set permissions to comply with those two rules. When it's time to install a plugin or do an update from within Wordpress, change the permissions to insecure, Do the update / install the plugin, then set the permissions back.

Do you think the Wordpress people would do this? Hell, no! This is how they push people to pay to host on! "Oh, you're not smart enough to keep your own site secure, so pay to have us do it."

Comment ...but Autoplay is a FEATURE, not a bug... (Score 1) 391

Microsoft has smart people, and they say that Autoplay is a FEATURE. Anyone who says otherwise is dumb. Where's your multibillion dollar company to prove you know what you're talking about? Macros that move along with Microsoft Office documents? FEATURE, people. FEATURE.

Seriously, though, mainstream OSes should've had this protection ages ago. The BSDs can be compiled to only recognize certain devices on USB, and, if desired, only the first of each kind (so the keyboard that was recognized at boot can't be "replaced" with a device that appears to be the exact same keyboard).

Comment UNIX mail spool files will be accessible forever (Score 1) 74

Just keep standard UNIX mail spool files locally, if you're worried about it.

Also, a mail server is not physical if it runs under a hypervisor, unless you physically have the box that runs both in your possession. You'll all see - hypervisors will be shown to be manipulated by cloud providers and/or TLA agencies to extract data from virtual machines without the virtual machines' admins knowing anything about it.

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