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Comment spamming (Score 1) 11

I was one of the first ones on headstart (-2 days before actual launch). There was no gold spamming to speak of until about a week later. Not only is the spam in the LFG channel and whispers, they will also send you spam in your mailbox entitled "sorry to bother". The worst part is that you get a indicator on your GUI for new mail when this happens. Banning the spammers is in ncsoft's best interest, they'll just buy another $50 copy of Aion and continue spamming. The good news is blocking the several new ones that popup when you login usually cures the problem for the couple hours you're logged in.

Comment Re:So tired (Score 1) 121

This is exactly what happened to me about two years ago now. One too many cycle of "I need this beta video driver to play game X, but game Y won't load with it" and "I have two hours to play a game, why am I spending an hour updating my OS, my video drivers, and my game?" Not to mention the various "WTF, this plays smooth on the original XBox, why is my P4/Radeon x1600 system struggling?!" types of hardware upgrade treadmill issues.

On my consoles, I pop the game in and it goes, nothing to it.

Ironically, gaming was the only thing keeping my on XP at home, too; my wife and I are using Mac laptops now instead. So, PC gaming's target audience shrank a bit, and so did the Windows "ecosystem".

Even if you're not ready/willing to drop Windows as your "doing things" OS, there's hardly any reason to play games on it anymore. So much more comfy playing on my couch infront of the 1080p monitor than at my desk.

I've bought several games for Mac OS X, too, but nothing for the PC since BioShock was released.

Comment Re:We should file anti-trust suits against... (Score 1) 364

We should file anti-trust suits against... Ford, Chrysler, and GM since they're obviously using closed standards and preventing their customers from being able to use competitor's parts...

Yes and since each of those companies has a monopoly on cars (thus the influence to be a trust) they are obviously undermining the market and abusing that trust so antitrust law applies.

.. Seriously, let Microsoft do their thing.

I'll consider taking your advice on economics when you understand the meaning of all the words you use. Seriously, learn what 'antitrust' means before presuming to advise people about laws regarding trusts.

Comment Re:First (Score 1) 155

WTF? Your argument makes no sense at all. If they're banning pot because it makes you think, then why aren't they banning, say, chess clubs? Or schools? Or any intellectual organisation? Or books?

I think you need to lay off the weed, man.

Chess is not exactly what you would call a "value altering" experience. While weed very well is. Schools like we mostly have them right now don't train anyone to think for themselves, at least not where I'm from. They teach you to stick to rules, to believe what authorities tell you and that you need a piece of paper declaring your abilities. Books by themselves don't make you smart or rebellious, the people who ban books usually have to read them first and does it affect them in any way? None of that makes for independent thinking.

Say about Weed what you will. Once you've smoked it for a while your opinion about things changes. Not in that lanky stoner "I don't give a fuck" way or any other ridiculous stereotype but re-evaluated like "Why the hell am I doing this job that I hate so much but never thought about". Trust me, I ... uhm ... conducted experiments.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 664

these DTV coupons seem like a daft idea anyway, they are keeping the cost of converter boxes high, if the coupons didn't exist the box prices would have dropped by now. Here in Britain we are converting to digital and have no assistance scheme like this (except for the elderly) and a converter box can be picked up from a supermarket for £15 (~$20).

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