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Submission + - Mt Gox hacked. All coins gone. (

ch0ad writes: Mt. Gox, once the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, has gone offline, apparently after losing hundreds of millions of dollars due to a years-long hacking effort that went unnoticed by the company.

The hacking attack is detailed in a leaked “crisis strategy draft” plan, apparently created by Gox and published Monday by Ryan Selkis, a bitcoin entrepreneur and blogger (see below). According to the document, the exchange is insolvent after losing 744,408 bitcoins — worth about $350 million at Monday’s trading prices.

Comment Re:It's not difficulty, it's creativity that matte (Score 1) 308

Fools idol (the boss you describe) is overcome by exploring the level and noticing the dude saying "i wont interfere i promise" who is right next to the boss. If you are impatient and go straight to the boss without exploring you are punished, but then it lets you escape the fight after the realisation that the boss is immortal so... not that unfair.

It does have it's moments where it requires trial and error, but it overcomes them (for the most part, old hero is an exception to this) with clever level design and tons of shortcuts.

When you complete the game you go to "new game +" and can replay the game with all your epic gear so you can easily get anything you missed the first time (like the alternate ending, and numerous "tendency events" that are hard to get in 1 play through).

It's quite apparent, but i'll say it anyway - i am a huge DS nerd ^_^. I'll admit it's not everyone's idea of fun but for what it aspires to be, it's a very good game.

Comment Re:It's not difficulty, it's creativity that matte (Score 1) 308

I would argue that a lack of checkpoints rewards cautious and skilled game play rather than "punishing failure" but that's just me. If a game gives you a checkpoint every 5 minutes there's absolutely no reason not to brute force your way through a problem by throwing corpse after corpse at it.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter in the end (Score 1) 472 my old job i was maintaining a lot of code written by the boss' son (yeah...) and he would comment *every* *single* *line* with gems such as "// Add One To IntNumMgrxXDYGZ" next to a ++ operation, with no mention anywhere of what "IntNumMgrxXDYGZ" stood for, what it was used for or anything remotely useful, and even at the end of tiny 4 line blocks he would write "} // End If" or "} // End For" i assume because he learnt with visual basic and found it helpful. Always Capitalising The First Letter Of Every Word For Some Reason.

Still, it was very therapeutic purging it all and condensing it down in to elegant readable code with a small paragraph of comments explaining the "why".

Comment Re:This Gamemakerlessness is an eyesore! (Score 0) 441

Gamemaker as in the gamemaker created by Mark Overmars? That thing definitely does not suck ass! What better way to get young minds interested in programming than giving them a tool like gamemaker? It's perfect for getting you over that initial hurdle where you don't know enough about programming to get anything worth while done in a "real" environment.

Comment Re:Simple, really (Score 1) 516

I'm from Taunton, Somerset but i don't think you can have been referring to me in your last sentence. Even just in this one county accents can vary from barely noticeable soft-southern english to almost incomprehensible west-country gibberish. I wouldn't count on it being to everyone's tastes. Bill Bailey and Russel Howard are both somerset boys and both occasionally slip in to very west-country accents.

Comment gamemaker (Score 1) 704

"Gamemaker" is what got me in to programming. It's a game creation tool (for windows only unfortunately) which is perfect for introducing someone to and sparking their interest in programming. I think i was actually about 14 when i started using it. It lets you create simpler games with no knowledge of code (just drag and drop action blocks in to events) and so it gives a very high ratio of "satisfaction from cool end results":"effort put in to learn skills".

Soon however you find your creativity in game design held back by the drag and drop tools and you start dragging in "code blocks" which is the gateway in to real programming. It uses a nice high level interpreted language which is... well very forgiving. Again you get maximum reward in terms of cool end results for the work you put in to learn the skills.

Then after a year or so you realise the limitations of the environment you've spent so long learning and you move on to grown up languages and you despair at how much effort is required just to get an empty window to display, but you soldier on....

Well... that's my story

Comment Re:netbook (Score 1) 261

i have the same netbook, and it's currently my only operational machine... so i'd be very appreciative if you could tell me how to get the touchpad to behave, and also how to stop the screen tearing (it's the same with and without compiz).

great little machine tho! perfect for taking notes at lectures.

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