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Comment Why limit yourself, use both... (Score 1) 383

I've been a believer that we need more than one SMTP address. The username version should be limited to username@domain.local however, since you don't want to expose your usernames to the planet through email addresses. Then also have a first.last@domain.tld for Internet usage. If there are conflicts on the latter, I've been a fan of asking the user what they want.

Email addresses are somewhat personal, even if they're work/university email addresses.

I didn't like my email address at work, so I asked to change it. Standards, be damned!


Submission + - Xenon Gas Procedure Saves Oxygen Starved Babies (

kkleiner writes: Riley Joice was one of more than one thousand children in the UK each year who are born oxygen deprived. He had about equal hopes of dying, having permanent brain damage, or surviving unharmed. To boost his chances, doctors at the University of Bristol and Swansea University cooled his body and gave him xenon gas to breathe. Joice was the first baby to ever receive this treatment and he has made a full recovery. At least a dozen more babies will undergo the same approved experimental procedure in the upcoming months. This work not only suggests a new technique for saving such children, it could lead to new treatments in anesthesia and brain protection for everyone.

Submission + - Network Solutions Sites Hacked Again ( 1

CWmike writes: A week after Web hosting company Network Solutions dealt with a large-scale infection of WordPress-driven blogs, the company acknowledged that other sites it hosts have been compromised. 'We have received reports that Network Solutions customers are seeing malicious code added to their websites and we are really sorry for this experience,' said pokesman Shashi Bellamkonda in a blog post. 'At this time, since anything we say in public may help the perpetrators, we are unable to provide details.' Securi Security Labs said on Sunday that at least 50 sites hosted by Networks Solutions had been hacked, and that malicious JavaScript injected into those sites was redirecting unsuspecting users to a Ukrainian attack server. The same server was involved in the earlier attacks against Network Solutions-hosted blogs. According to the StopMalvertising blog, the attacks planted a rogue IFRAME on the hacked sites to shunt users to the attack server. That server then launches multiple exploits, including an attack kit of ActiveX exploits and three more leveraging Adobe Reader vulnerabilities, against visiting PCs. Several browsers, including IE8, Chrome and Firefox, display warnings when users are redirected to the attack site.

Submission + - Detection of Parkinson's by Voice Analysis 1

lee1 writes: "The early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can slow down or even stop
its progression, but established methods, such as brain
imaging, are expensive, and inappropriate for screening large
populations. Prof. Shimon Sapir at the University of Haifa has developed a new technique
for early diagnosis that is reliable, non-invasive, simple, and inexpensive.
The technique merely requires the patient to read a few simple
sentences, which are acoustically analyzed by a computer program.
The analysis detects subtle abnormalities in speech that are present
in the early stages of the disease but are not perceptible to listeners.
This appears to be an application of the author’s technique for
extracting vowel sounds from short phrases and analysing them to detect nervous system disorders."

Submission + - Creating an IT Architecture Department

rcarvalho writes: Recently i've been charged to create an Achitecture Department on a medium size financial corporation. I have some experience dealing with it from the developer side, but i've never been on the other side of the desk, and i don't want to be vain and believe that i know the truth. How do you, developers, think a Architecture Departament must be organized? What kind of services it must provide? What are your good and bad experiences?

Submission + - a reliable way to send/receive sms

An anonymous reader writes: I am starting a small US based company and looking for a good SMS gateway that can be easily integrated in to the shopping cart/ticket ssystem. I know I can use the sms to email stuff provided by the cariers but would rather have something a little more quick and reliable. Also, are there any gateways in the US that will allow you to use a standard 10 digit phone number for receiving sms instead of spending the $900 a month for an sms short code wich I dont really need? Or, would I be better off doing all this with a gsm modem under linux?

Submission + - Escapist Website Mass Bans Users Who Mention Adblo ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: One user posted a thread on the forums complaining about an ad. Other users responded that they used adblock so never saw any ads. Down comes the banhammer wiping out several users that have post counts in the thousands and years of membership, just for mentioning the name of the hated extension.

There are no terms of use prohibiting adblock or listing blocking of ads as a bannable offense.

The thread was quickly locked and will probably be deleted.


Submission + - 'Riddick 3' is Somehow Being Made 1

Hugh Pickens writes: "Scott Harris writes on Moviefone that the economics of Hollywood are often baffling, as DVD sales, broadcast fees and merchandising tie-ins balance against advertising costs and pay-or-play deals to form an accounting maze. The latest example is the untitled sequel to the sci-fi stinkbomb 'Chronicles of Riddick' which as you may recall, was released back in 2004 to a slew of negative reviews and general viewer indifference. Despite its hefty $105 million budget, most of which was spent on special effects, the film topped out at a paltry $57 million domestically. So how can a sequel be made if the original lost money? The answer has to do with ancillary profits from revenue streams outside the box office. While the combined $116 million worldwide probably still didn't cover distribution and advertising costs, it likely brought the film close to even, meaning DVD sales and profits from the tie-in video game franchise may have put the movie in the black. In addition, 'Riddick' itself was a sequel to 'Pitch Black,' a modestly budgeted ($23 million) success back in 2000. Extending the franchise to a third film may help boost ancillary profits by introducing the 'Pitch Black' and 'Chronicles of Riddick' DVDs and merchandise to new audiences, meaning that the new film may not even need to break even to eventually turn a profit for the studio giving new hope to beleaguered fans of 'Howard the Duck' and 'The Island.'"

Submission + - SPAM: Geeky themed dates for gamer couples

kghapa writes: Have a date who's into video games, or is at least willing to try them? We've come up with our own, surprising games to play with your sweetheart that you may have overlooked. For a full day of gaming inspired geekyness we've even created themed date ideas to go along with our game picks.
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Submission + - Adobe blocking latest HTML5 draft ( 2

Randle_Revar writes: "Adobe has registered an objection to the publication of the latest HTML5 draft, blocking it. We don't know what the objection is, because it was made on a w3c private list, and adobe has not yet made it public. Whatever the objection is, one has a sneaking suspicion that it really has to do with HTML5's threat to Adobe's Flash and AIR."

Submission + - SPAM: Microsoft Pulls Security Update writes: Microsoft has stopped serving a security patch that apparently led to the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) for many Windows XP users.

“We are still investigating this but I wanted to provide some additional clarity on what I mean when I said we stopped offering the update via Windows Update,” said Jerry Bryant, senior security communications manager in a The Microsoft Security Response Center post. “To be more precise, we basically turned off the Automatic Update system for this bulletin. This means that computers that have our recommended setting to automatically look for, download, and install high priority updates, will not pull this update down.”

As reported, the BSOD was apparently linked to Update MS10-015 (KB977165). Bryant continues in the post: “I am writing to let you know that we are aware that after installing the February security updates a limited number of users are experiencing issues restarting their computers. Our initial analysis suggests that the issue occurs after installing MS10-015 (KB977165). However, we have not confirmed that the issue is specific to MS10-015 or if it is an interoperability problem with another component or third-party software. Our teams are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

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Submission + - Microsoft guffaws at Black Hat TPM hack (

Julie188 writes: Microsoft on Friday downplayed the risk of using Trusted Platform Module chips after Black Hat researchers demonstrated a hack of them last week. TPM, the bases of Windows hard drive encryption features like BitLocker, is not to be feared because the hack requires physical ownership of the box, special equipment and IC knowledge, says Paul Cooke on the Windows Security Blog. Cooke also insists that when Microsoft designed BitLocker for Windows 7, it took into account TPM's vulnerabilities. The company should have known about them as this isn't the first time TPM was hacked. In 2007, Black Hat researchers caused a stir when they promised to demonstrate how to compromise TPM (a demonstration that mysteriously never happened). Another TPM hack was made public in late 2009.

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