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Comment Its the truth!! (Score 2, Funny) 409

If you ever wiped a raid in World of Warcraft, you'll believe this guy, those guys can get really scary, specially when they found out you did it on purpose just to see what the "fear button" did :P

Believe me there is nothing more scary than 24 angry players with huge repair bills, and no epic loot.....

Submission + - IdeaPad U1 what we wanted the iPad to be (engadget.com)

Xanator writes: With the announcement of the iPad the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid appears to go unnoticed, but maybe we ought to pay it more attention, a netbook with a removable screen that turns it into a tablet (swithching OS from Windows 7 to a tablet OS within 3 seconds) looks that it offers what many of us wanted from the iPad, quoting engadget: "When docked, the U1 looks and feels like any other laptop, with an Intel CULV processor and a 128GB SSD running Windows 7 Home Premium. You actually wouldn't know there's a slate hiding in there — until you pull it out and watch it switch to Lenovo's Skylight UI, a process that was smooth and quick for us. Lenovo says the goal is for the full switch to occur in under 3 seconds"

Comment I need to know (Score 1) 1

I have the exact same question.

I want to develop a small iPhone applications, I dont have a mac to develop nor an iPhone (I want to build apps for friends, family).

What is the approximate cost or investment I need to start developing?, cause the article mentioned around $20,000 which I don't think it applies to the applications I'm planning, but for starting who much will it be?

Submission + - iPhone app building: How expensive is it? 1

An anonymous reader writes: Ever wondered how much it costs to build an iPhone app? If you don't have several thousand dollars in your bank account — or a code monkey chained up in your basement — don't even think of it. And if you're wondering why companies build apps in the first place there's an interesting series of interviews with British companies who've built apps over on silicon.com. Why do they do it? Mostly it's marketing, experimentation and vanity by sounds of it. Making money ain't a given.

Comment Re:What kind of jobs will there be? (Score 1) 979

Robots will do all the restocking of the shelves and cashiers in stores, there will probably be McRobots instead of McDonalds.

Why would we use a very expensive robot to do menial work that a human with minimum wage can do?

No, the ones that should be worried are the ones that their work could not only be replaced but improved by a robot, see lets say some architect which has a huge salary, a robot with his abilities would replace him and save money for the company.

I think that when that happens humans will be the ones doing the menial work, not robots

Comment Re:That sound? Inevitability Mr. Anderson. (Score 1) 979

Human computing has nothing to do with computer computing, you can not and should not try to compare them on the same branch

Why? because human computing its not based on producing the best and optimal result, it produces a set of results that are likely to be right. You could link every single one computer in the world and still you wouldn't have the same computing power.

Exactly this behavior is what AI is studying, because in most cases finding the optimal solution using the traditional ways its impossible on a short time, but maybe we dont need the optimal solution, just one good enough for the purpose.

Take for example walking, the human brain does not compute the movement of each step precisely, it only says "ok this step is good enough for not falling", and sometimes very few times we fall, or trip, why? because of that non optimal solution, yet those non optimal solutions solve the problem very well and could be applied for most of our actions.

Computing power has nothing to do with AI, important yes but not crucial to AI, there are things that are better solved using computing power than AI (like complex calculations), and there are other problems that are only solved by AI

Comment Re:This touches on a problem I have (Score 1) 979

actually you don't even need a robot to replace some menial work.....
A lot of works could be replaced by a simple script, since most work are just some modification or a repeating task

We are investigating robots in order to reproduce the hardwork that requires thinking, so that the discovery and generation of knowledge becomes faster and of better quality, replacing the human work, will only be a happy consequence

Comment I hear ya (Score 1) 1

Well the basic idea they are trying to sell when using java is the multiplatform capability, you know code for one, use everywhere..... Which is a total lie.....

Having coded and released applications for Blackberry, Nokia, and other java based platform I know that in order for your application to get the best of the phone you need to use the specific API of each vendor, so at the end you must have very different code for each platform....

So if you are loosing the multiplatform code, then I see no actual reason to use java, and maybe change for a faster and more efficient languaje.

Comment It happened to me!! (Score 1) 272

Actually this problem actually happened to me, I updated my HP notebook from Vista to windows 7 and within a week it told me my battery was useless, to be honest it never occurred to me that it could be a problem with the OS, specially since days later the video card melted, so the battery problem didn't seem that important compared to the dead video card :(, still saving to fix that laptop, i really liked it

Submission + - Why the Notion Ink Adam, and not the Apple iPad, i (besttabletreview.com)

Raikus writes: Article on why the Apple iPad isn't the tablet that everyone should be paying attention to. It should be the Notion Ink Adam which features a fast Tegra 2 processor, Pixel Qi screen and Android OS. It could also be the first tablet to tap into the iPad's missed potential.

Submission + - Why are mobile phones not programmed in assembly? 1

An anonymous reader writes: This question comes from my mobile battery. My Nexus One, with its 1GHz processor, is the first Android mobile that seems to out run my iPhone 3GS. It is my understanding that most of the Android operating system, not just the apps, are coded in JAVA and have to run through the JAVA machine. Now I love cross platform support as much as the next guy, but can the operating system at least be compiled to native machine code for performance? They role out separate firmwares for each hardware anyway and there are only like three architectures to support right? ARM, MIPS, and Atom. Are there any good ways to compile JAVA to machine code, or is that a silly question? I am psyched that Myriad's development can boost Android performance across the board, but to me it only highlights an intrinsic problem in the whole software design.

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