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Comment Annswer to question in Summary. (Score 1) 372

Come on man, at least read the god damn summary before spewing such bullshit. I'm sure there are plenty of other examples all over the place from ever damn politician everywhere but let's see:

To this day, the quantity of oil spewed into the ocean during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil spill remains something of a mystery. Many of the scientists who worked on the spill were hired by BP and barred from speaking on it.

I'll take, Who the Fuck was President in 2010 for 200 Alex!

Comment Re:The Onion (Score 1) 36

Not that I agree with high property tax by any means, to me it's like never being able to truly own a piece of land. But it's not the Fund Manager's fault the farmer spends all his money on more taxable assets nor anyone but the farmer who is (presumably?) investing in assets he's not getting adequate (again presumption wise) return on.

Also, your argument falls flat on the fact that someone is paying the property tax on the "swanky house" . If there is a property, there is property tax. I don't see how you can blame renters for not paying their fair share, that's ridiculous. The cost is built into the rent, and actuality in upstate NY, people owning houses pay they rent out pay more property tax because they don't get STAR credit for owner occupied housing with no children in the school district.

Comment Re:Talk URL (Score 1) 67

I just demo'd Fluke Networks's TruView system that does 10Gb/s stream to disk, 24 TB array of 26 1TB hard drives... was very nice, not cheap though. 2 Xenon 16 Core CPUs if memory servers and a whole crap load of pretty analysis and correlations between Netflow & SNMP data... scary cool with the VOIP module.

Comment Re:203ms - With Fibre connection and not in space (Score 1) 558

It is true as Sique mentiones below that tunneled traffic won't show all the hops the tunnel transverses however there is usually one interface indicative of the tunnel that will show up. What is more common that you are referring too is optical transit layers. Things like DWDM, CWDM and other Wavelength-division multiplexing, as well as RPR Optical Rings (Resilient Packet Ring) .

Carrier and Enterprise class layer 2 transit, that does not have Layer 3 (hops) but crosses much distance, usually at sub 1ms speeds (light speed ahead!) so isn't much concern... [citation needed blah blah]

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