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Submission + - Wikileaks publishes recent draft of secret TPP accord

Comment Re:ugly (Score 1) 244

The main user case would be getting brief information of all sorts faster and with less effort.

Less effort than what? taking a phone in your hand and unlocking it by swiping the screen? And people wonder why there's an obesity epidemics...

Submission + - Bolivia says Morales' plane diverted, apparently over Snowden ( 1

rastos1 writes: Bolivia president Evo Morales' plane was forced to land in Austria on Tuesday after France and Portugal refused air permits, apparently because they suspected it was carrying Edward Snowden, the former U.S. spy agency contractor wanted by Washington on espionage charges. Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca told reporters that Portugal and France had abruptly canceled the air permits, forcing the unscheduled Vienna stopover as Morales was returning on a Bolivian government plane from Russia.

Submission + - Morales plane 'rerouted over Snowden suspicions' (

niftydude writes: In an extraordinary move, France and Portugal revoked flight clearances for the Bolivian President's plane on Tuesday after representations were reportedly made by the US State Department. Mr Morales was flying home from an energy conference in Moscow and his aircraft was hastily rerouted to Vienna, Austria.

Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca angrily denied that Mr Snowden was on the President's aircraft, a fact later confirmed by Austrian authorities, and said France and Portugal would have to explain why they abruptly cancelled authorisation for the flight.

AP reports that Venezuela's foreign minister Elias Jaua has condemned the decision by France and Portugal to block the plane from its airspace. He claimed that changing a flight's route without checking on how much fuel was left in the plane, put Morales' life at risk.

Comment We still use it a lot (Score 1) 445

I don't know elsewhere, but here in France offices have phones ringing all the time.

We do have IM and voice conferencing via MS Office communicator or Webex but we mostly use those for calling our offshore teams or for conferencing with more than one person at the same time.

There's this culture that considers IMs as second priority. IMs are easily discarded, and people might claim that they didn't get them. If you want something to get done you have to make a call.

Submission + - Had Google Plus Been Designed Differently 2

An anonymous reader writes: From an article about yet another "facebook-killer" social network design:

I really wanted to use Google+. Having waited some weeks for an early invite, when I finally managed to get in last year, I felt something was not right. There was no feature that I disliked — in fact I quite liked Hangouts. But something about the design — the color scheme, borders, layout, fonts, sizes and shapes of elements — just put me off. Instead of the ‘cozy’ (or is it ‘organic’?) feel of a social networking site, I felt as I was inside some sort of email client or RSS reader. After a while, the initial excitement died. I, like many of my early adopter friends, found myself returning to Facebook.

In short, would Google+ have done better if only it had looked better?

Comment This has been going on for a while (Score 1) 359

It is not only LG but also HTC and Samsung. A few months ago I read in ars technica that Microsoft might be collecting royalties from around 50% of all android devices:

Comment What a shame (Score 2) 835

I had been using gnome since the 1.x days. By the time they hit 2.20 or something I was completely happy with it. Very simple and elegant but easily customizable in the things that actually matter. The default interface was so obvious thas even my parents could use it, yet powerful enough to be my main desktop at work.

I really really miss Gnome 2.32.

Then I tried the early betas of 3.0 on Arch linux. It sucked. I waited until the official release. I sucked even more. I still have version 3.0.2 installed and I give it a try from time to time, but I always end up using XFCE, which will stay my default desktop until I buy my first Mac.

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