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Comment Re:"Gay Culture" is blind devotion then? (Score 1) 636

I wasn't aware the "culture" of being gay meant you had to be a blind sheep and vote for every Democrat, no matter how much they hate gay culture...

GP is mocking this recent article:

Which makes the argument that yes - if you don't blindly vote Democrat, you can no longer call yourself gay. Ridiculous I know, and the author is getting rightly castigated in the comments.

I can only hope that the author was paid enough be the Clinton campaign to make writing such tripe worthwhile.

People downvoting GP must be unaware of this push in doctrine.

Comment Re: So? (Score 1, Troll) 751

Not quite - the best science can ever do is create a model that has predictive accuracy. That is - a model that successfully describes the universe given the data that is available, but also successfully predicts the universe when new data becomes available.

That is what Einstein did with relativity: he created a model that explained known data, but also predicted effects such as gravitational lensing and Mercury's perihelion wobble before the technology existed to allow those effects to be observed. It is the reason Einstein was a great scientist.

It is for this very reason that while I consider Newton a great mathematician, I only consider him a good scientist.

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