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Submission + - Chemist Mom Kick's Tiger Mother's Butt 1

theodp writes: Earlier this year, Yale Law prof Amy Chua captured the nation's attention with Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, her best-selling book on how Chinese parents like her raise stereotypically successful kids. Watch out Tiger Mother, there's a new Mom in town. Besides hailing from tiny-but-tony Harker School ($36,435 tuition), Nikhil Parthasarathy and Rohan Mahajan — who together accounted for 5% of the 40 brainiac finalists in this year's Intel Science Talent Search — had something else in common: Dr. Mala Raghavan, the Harker AP Chemistry and Organic Chemistry teacher who is Mom to Nikhil and was mentor to Rohan, which should make her a shoe-in to beat out Chua for Slashdot's 2011 Mother of the Year. Which is not to take anything away from Rohan and Nikhil, who also collaborated with UCSC profs on their projects — A Morphological Analysis of z~3 Lyman Break Galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (Nikhil), and The Effect of Doping on CdS Sensitized TiO2 Nanowires for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation (Rohan).

Comment Re:watch this video (Score 1) 673

Yes I can put this in to perspective. This video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp9iJ3pPuL8 which CNN also had a heavily edited version of with a hyperbole tagline and was calling an "exclusive" a couple days ago (even though it was filmed for videonews.com, an indy Japan news site) gets within 1.5 km of Fukushima Daiichi. The max level they reached was ~110 uS/hr. Hopefully I don't need to pull up the xcdb chart to show how fear-mongering CNN has been in all this. As a side note, in the video I linked, the wandering dogs and cows should freak you out far more than the radiation, most truly apocalyptic thing I've seen in my life (and this from someone who has seen every episode of Survivors haha). The joke amongst us ex-pats is the coming dogzillas are far scarier than any radiation. ;)

Comment Re:Tsunami: 22,000 dead - nuclear, how many exactl (Score 1) 673

Living in Japan, we get the "advantage" of taking typhoons lightly (as they are called in our part of the world.) Typhoons don't scare me a bit, been through extremely heavy ones and only miles from the coast. Once went out in a huge one to tear sheet metal off the car park roof that might of blown into neighbor's houses (felt manly that day.) Earthquakes are a whole nother story though, the big ones make you fear for your life within seconds. I get your point though I have to say. I suppose it's why we stay, it's our home for better or worse. Hurricanes, quakes, meltdowns be damned the rest of the quality of life is too important to stop fighting.

And as for not mismanaging nuclear power there was a wonderful old Buddhist nun on the news today talking about this, putting it into a wonderful old Buddhist perspective. Shortened and very paraphrased but, "When I grew up we had so much less power. Why do we need more today? Put on more clothes in the winter, and wear less in Summer."

Comment Re:Persective (Score 1) 370

Absolutely right. Living here in Japan I can barely watch the western news anymore, every time I see "Japan Crisis Breaking News!" it pisses me off to no end. One they are usually hours or days behind on the "breaking news", two they are often wrong, and most importantly what you said, they are overshadowing the far more tragic events happening here. 100s of 1000s are homeless, 10s of 1000s in horribly cramped shelters, countless businesses are gone, entire industries are gone, so many have died that they had to resort to mass graves as the crematoriums are full. Can't say how many times I've been reduced to tears watching the NHK nightly news here with the stories they tell of the survivors and the lost. This is what the western world should be focusing on too as we are here.

Comment Re:it would make it too wide! (Score 1) 239

Here in Japan you "charge" the payment systems before hand with cash at machines that are all around. They are not linked to any kind of personal data at all if you don't want them to be. Upside you don't have the problems you mentioned. Downside you lose a fully charged card you're out all that money, same thing with cash though. There are also no fees here in fact I get airline miles by using mine, it's quite convenient really.

Comment Sea Water. Question from Japan. (Score 1) 752

We are far enough away as not to worry horribly personally, but this is happening in the country I live in. My question to those familiar with such things on here is how effective is the technique they will use over the next two days of flooding the core with sea water? That is as much as we know technically at this point so I can't go into more details, not being an expert on nuclear power myself, but I would to here any info from the slashdot crowd on how this works and how effective it might be.

And to quickly summarize from this perspective for those outside the country trying to piece together news. All the reactors here (I believe) shut down properly when the quake struck, as designed. However Fukushima Dai-1 (No. 1) was also hit hard by the tsunamis which took out it's main and back-up generators which were used to pump cooling water into the cores. Late last night they were frantically trying to fly in generators but apparently they did not get there soon enough or did not work well enough and you have what we see now, a meltdown which has probably already begun (nobody here knows either). A lack of power to get cooling fluid into the core causing a possible meltdown, to simplify even more...

Submission + - SurfSens brings surfing into the computer age (gizmag.com)

cylonlover writes: In an activity that for many of its participants is akin to a religion, the merging of surfing and technology might seem a bit like blasphemy. But while surfing is still about lifestyle for many of us, these days it's also a competitive sport offering huge amounts of prize money, so it's no surprise to see the emergence of boards packing more than just polyurethane within their fiberglass shells. With the aim of "turning feelings into facts and figures", research company Tecnalia and Spanish surfboard manufacturer Pukas have teamed up to create a surfboard that packs a gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS compass, pressure sensors and strain gauges to measure the flex of the board.

Submission + - Giant Underground Chamber Discovered On the Moon (siliconindia.com) 2

siliconeyes writes: "Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organization have discovered a giant underground chamber on the moon, which they feel could be used as a base by astronauts on future manned missions to moon.

An analysis by an instrument on Chandrayaan-1 revealed a 1.7-km long and 120-metre wide cave near the moon's equator that is in the Oceanus Procellarum area of the moon that could be a suitable 'base station' for future human missions."

Submission + - Egypt's Mordor becomes a torrent of leaks

Weezul writes: In what Egyptian ex-pats are calling the Egyptian Bastille Day, protesters stormed the Egyptian state security services on Saturday 5 March, freeing victims of torture there, detaining security personnel, and have started publishing secret documents on facebook and twitter.
An Egyptian Twitter poster wrote "I almost can't believe I'm witnessing this. We're inside the fortress of terror, our very own Mordor..."

Among the more amusing discoveries has been a room full of sex tapes, including Arab royals like Kuwait's Princess.

Submission + - Nokia CEO Admits it is "Years Behind" Rivals (wsj.com)

pbahra writes: Just days before Nokia Corp. Chief Executive Stephen Elop is to reveal his plan for turning around the ailing handset maker, an internal memo penned by the executive describes a company besieged on all sides by competitors and in desperate need of a huge transformation. Comparing Nokia to a man standing on a burning oil platform who jumps into icy waters to escape the flames, Mr. Elop says dramatic action is needed to reverse a decline that has left the Finnish company "years behind" the competition.
The Internet

Submission + - How a small tweak can cripple your web sales (pcpro.co.uk) 1

Barence writes: PC Pro has a blog revealing how a minor tweak to a website's design can have a crippling affect on sales conversion rates. BigCommerce, a hosted ecommerce service, recently pushed out a minor update to all its shops. Gone was the simple, tree-type list of categories and subcategories to be replaced by a swanky new “fly-out” menu. That small tweak led to a 75% drop in conversation rates on one site, as the many sub-categories of products on offer were hidden and the small tweak made the website navigation much more complicated for the average user.

Submission + - Journalist fired, Mexicans protest with a DDoS (wordpress.com)

An anonymous reader writes: This Monday, the popular journalist Carmen Aristegui was fired from the media conglomerate MVS Comunicaciones after she demanded the Mexican President, Felipe Calderon, to explain if he is an alcoholic or not. This question was motivated after some opposition congressmen depicted this popular rumor in a banner.

Thousands of mexicans considered this as an act of censorship, organizing demonstrations against MVS. Also, a group of mexican Twitter and Facebook users will launch a DDoS attack against the servers of the media conglomerate, mimicking the attacks organized by Anonymous in support of WikiLeaks.


Submission + - iPad 2 now in production (tekgoblin.com)

tekgoblin writes: WSJ must be on great terms with Apple due to almost all leaks from Apple are reported by them. Today they have reported that Apple has started manufacturing the new version of the iPad.

Apple Inc. has started manufacturing a new version of its iPad tablet computer with a built-in camera and faster processor..... be thinner and lighter than the first model..... It will have at least one camera on the front of the device for features like video-conferencing..... the resolution of the display will be similar to the first iPad..... It will also have more memory and a more powerful graphics processor.

They also mention that the iPad 2 will be initially available through Verizon Wireless and AT&T but no other carrier. I can see AT&T as the first carrier of the iPad 2 because that is what Apple has done previously. WSJ also believes that the iPad may not have an improved screen, however we have heard otherwise in other rumors that the iPad 2 has a thinner more lightweight screen than the first version. Will a Retina display be found on the iPad 2, I think it will be very similar if not it.

The Military

Submission + - US Army Sets Sights on New Rifle 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: The M16 and M4 have long enjoyed the loyalty of Army leaders who say the weapons are "combat proven" but Army commanders have also long faced questions about the rifles' design: Both are built around a gas-operated system that cuts down on moving parts, but requires consistent cleaning. Experts have also noted that the M16/M4 fares poorly in terms of ruggedness and reliability compared with Soviet-designed Kalashnikov assault rifles, which are a favorite weapon of insurgents around the world. Now the WSJ reports that for the first time in almost 50 years, the US Army wants to replace the standard rifle shouldered by hundreds of thousands of frontline troops around the world with a new weapon that would incorporate futuristic sights and other advances in rifle design and be able to handle improved ammunition. According to retired Major General Bob Scales, after action reports from the 2008 battle of Wanat — where nine Americans were killed when their remote Afghan combat outpost was nearly overrun by enemy — US soldiers were found dead, slumped over jammed rifles. "We would never accept the second best jet fighter or aircraft carrier," says Scales.

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