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Comment Re:square's other cool tech = reenabling petty the (Score 1) 145

It seems as if xeno is just itching for a reason to complain, when it would have been easier for everyone involved if he just had cash on hand. The vendor obviously isn't forcing him to charge the transaction, or even preferring it. Otherwise they'd have the dongle already attached to their iPhone or iPad, have the app running, and likely have been using it without incident (gasp! Even sending SMS/email reciepts!) many times that day and before.

I have a Square dongle, and a GoPayment one. I've used the Square to clear the remaining oddball balance from a Visa gift card into my checking account, and it was easy as "Open app, plug dongle. Enter amount, swipe card, sign something, click "Continue to receipt". Type a phone number or email, click Submit (or skip receipt)." That's it.

In fact, I just charged myself $1 from another bank's card...which will cost me $0.03 (no big deal). It took not even 30 seconds from when I unlocked my phone, to getting the confirmation text. For someone who has used it before to run transactions, or even many times as a small vendor should have, it's not that complicated!

Comment Re:Might not be legal (Score 1) 503

Most stores I've encountered in Iowa don't bother with the mag stripe. Actually, the new licenses don't even have one, just a 1D and a 2D barcode. They scan that and get everything they need.

That's the problem with being too specific in your laws...they don't keep up with changes.

Comment Re:This would be so easy... (Score 1) 160

Would that be a Celeron processor EEE PC? I have a 701 and a 900, and if the battery is connected it'll be drained within a week, even if it's been sitting off in my bag the whole time. I just have to remember to take out the battery when I put it away, and I'm more likely to have a charge the next time I use it.

On topic to the original discussion though, my 1st gen Kindle only runs out of battery when I leave it sitting around, maybe with 3G on, in between vacations (when I generally read). I've never run it dead though usage, which is good enough for me.

Comment Re:Not anytime soon. (Score 1) 367

Not only a better lifespan for a STB, but they're a fraction of the price of a TV with integrated STB functionality. That way, when they're no longer supported, it's not such a big deal to replace it with the new one that is.

I haven't used the digital audio out on my TV (vizio xvt323sv), let alone from an app or USB/network playback, so I can't help you there. I agree on not wanting the TV to be obsolete, but I'm using it 99% so far as a PC monitor through HDMI, so that's less of a concern.

Comment Re:like asking a kid if they want beets or okra (Score 1) 367

I bought a Vizio XVT323SV about a month ago, which includes the "Vizio Internet Apps." It was $500 bucks at Sams Club, but I needed a new TV/PC monitor anyway. Out of the box it plays Netflix (advertised on the box actually), but not Hulu. This has been added since then, as I just installed the widget from the "Yahoo Gadget Gallery" last night and watched "House". I haven't tried plugging in my USB hard drive full of DVD rips to see if it'll play those or the MKV container BD rips of a TV show I have on there, but I have an appliance box for that; the Brite-View Cinema-Tube mini. It'll do USB playback and network playback of media (NFS, SMB, UPNP), but no commercial services. Between the two I'm rather set for most video playback though.

If I hadn't gotten the TV, it seems as if Vizio (among others) has a blu-ray player or two that has the same Internet Apps selection as my TV, for $100-$150. That seems to be a good way to go to get the 2 streaming services I care about, plus DVD/blu-ray playback. Another box would need to be added for LAN/USB media playback, but it'd still probably cost less, use less power, and an "appliance" box would probably have more Wife Acceptance Factor than a PC would.

Comment Re:Rent, Rip, Return, Encode (Score 1) 386

Faster? Depends on your internet connection, although having a cam the day it comes out in theatres is certainly faster than waiting 28 days after it comes out in the retail/rental market, for it to show up in Netflix/Redbox (due to their agreements to get some movies 28 days after retail release in exchange for cheaper copies of the disc).

Easier? Yes, it's easier, to GET the movie by tossing Movie.torrent at your client, than it is to open your mailbox (or go to red machine, punch screen, swipe card, grab disc), pop disc into PC, rip, convert, then put back in the mailbox (or go to red machine, punch screen, insert disc). However, once you've returned your disc, you're done! With torrenting, you may find out a year later they were forming an copyright infringement case and come after you for money.

I'd rather deal with the physical disc.

Comment Re:I admit .. I have too many ... (Score 1) 307

Ooooh...touched on a sore subject for me there. I _HAD_ a 7797 phone, but the store I bought it from had gotten it from an AT&T provider, but it was compatible (at the time) with US Cellular. It worked great for a while, until some weirdness in the programming (due to being an AT&T phone on a non-AT&T carrier) it stopped working. I brought it back to the store, they sent it in to be fixed. I waited, waited, kept getting the run around until they finally said they LOST it (the Bastards!). Gave me a comsumerized style StarTac, the TimePort I believe, to replace it. It may have been newer, and "better", but I didn't care. I wanted my StarTac back, or an equivalent model back. I never even activated that phone.

TL;DR I too had a StarTac 7797...HAD being the operative word.

Comment Re:hmmm (Score 1) 390

My neon was stolen. 1995 2.0L SOCH with a manual transmission, windows, and locks. Nothing special about it except an aftermarket deck (which was still there, though busted).

My roommate was throwing a party (which I was at). As best as we could tell, while hanging out in the living room after everyone left, some fucker took my spare key from the garage and drove my car right out of the driveway. Seems they used it to either get home or to the next party, because the next morning my car was ticketed for being parked illegally. I didn't realize it was stolen until a few hours after that happened, then immediately called it in. My car got ticketed twice more before a connection was made, and I was notified they found it. Thinking about it now, I bet they were going to tow it and finally ran the plates, at which point it came up as reported stolen.

Comment Re:I stopped reading TFS here: (Score 1) 324

Geez guys, all the hullabaloo is a matter of interpretation. I would be correct in saying that 12 gauge (AWG) wire is smaller than 4 gauge (AWG) wire, even when the numbers are inverse in their size. Therefore, a 28 gauge shotgun, with it's higher number, is smaller than a 12 gauge shotgun, with it's smaller number.

Therefore, the OP's typo of a .20 gauge shotgun would indeed be quite powerful, and only needed to be pointed out as a typo. Unfortunately, you then tried to correct him on his correct statement of a .22 caliber rifle (aka, "22 long rifle" I bet), and this got your shit jumped by everyone else about your whole post.

Of course, Buelldozer's comment about "The smaller the gauge of a shotgun the LESS powerful it is" sounds backwards, when you take it at face value (12ga < 28ga) When you take it "correctly", it's correct: A (smaller gauge, bigger#) 28ga shotgun is LESS powerful than a (bigger gauge, smaller#) 12ga shotgun.

Holy FSM, it's annoying when someone on the internet is wrong. Even worse when there's 2 of them.

Comment Re:Is it wrong... (Score 1) 104

It should be, but then (as noted in my other comment here

If you look at the packaging, you can see the name/logo is an anagram AND is a purposeful misspelling of "i poo'd!" (aka: "i pooped!" abbreviated). This gives you "iPood!", which when the package is inverted, still reads as "iPood!" due to the font used.

You wouldn't get to be a witty company by coming up with a clever name...which it turns out bothers Apple Inc.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 104

Seriously?? It's a shovel to bury your shit with.

Let me tell you a quick rhetorical story: I had to shit. I poo'd. I buried my poop with an iPood! shovel.

I bet you'll tell me that "Anti Monkey Butt Powder", um, butt powder, and "Cat Crap" anti-fog lens treatment are incredibly tasteless too.

Comment Re:A travesty, except for one thing... (Score 1) 104

I beg to differ. I was just looking at one of these the other day, and have actually considered getting one in the past when prepping for a camping trip, due in no part to associating it with Apple Computers. If you look at the packaging, you can see the name/logo is an anagram AND is a purposeful misspelling of "i poo'd!" (aka: "i pooped!" abbreviated). This gives you "iPood!", which when the package is inverted, still reads as "iPood!" due to the font used.

The product itself is a well designed solution to the problem of chintzy plastic shovels sold for the purpose of digging a scat hole. It's made of aluminum for light weight, collapsible for small size, and named well for it's intended purpose, "I poo'd (in the woods)!"

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