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Comment Re:$70K sounds pretty low (Score 1) 75

That's $70k to just a single congresscritter though. You have to grease multiple others on both sides of the aisles in both both houses. And then you probably should donate to the Presidential Victory Fund for incoming presidents, Presidential Reelection Victory Fund for incumbent president, or Presidential Library Victory Fund for 2nd term presidents.

Comment Re:Spamford Wallace? (Score 1) 82

Someone suggested yesterday about resurrecting the Usenet Death Penalty for Cloudflare

So how's that suppose to work again? It's not like Cloudflare is propagating it's posted websites to other servers that they can block. You might be able to cut them off from their upstream backbone provider(s), but I think that sets really dangerous precedent for those backbones. And if individual ISPs start blocking, you can already see the shit storm forming regarding net neutrality.

Comment Re:What a read. (Score 2) 107

A satellite in an uncontrolled spin due to a bad inertial unit, without enough power in its batteries to transmit at full power, a network of deep space communications satellites colliding signals to create constructive interference to boost communications, a plan to point several radio telescopes towards it in the hope to hear something, sweeping the sky with different frequencies and if all else fails point the Hubble at it.

Still not as difficult of a process as preventing the Windows 10 upgrade from automatically happening.

Comment Re:Outrageously short service life for updates (Score 2) 188

It's not 2 years for Nexus devices. It's 2 years for major OS updates (going from Kit Kat to Lollipop to Marshmallow to Nougat...) It's 3 years for minor updates within a given OS version. After 3 years of updates, the base OS doesn't receive updates but it's already likely pretty stable with bugs worked out. Individual Google apps continue to receive updates beyond that.

Comment Semantics (Score 2) 70

It sounds like everyone is arguing about semantics. What is considered the actual "birth date"?

I'm a web developer. What is considered the birth date of a website? When the client comes to me with a proposal or I go to them with one? If I was Berners-Lee, it sounds like that is the birth date of the website. If the site is ready for internal testing, is that the birth date? That sounds like what CERN says it is when it was available internally but possibly not externally. Or is the site's birth date when it's publicly available, ready for the world to see and use, which is what I would call it.

Or putting it in human terms, Berners-Lee's birth date sounds more like the date of conception, CERN's date more like when you have an ultrasound and you know it's there and can "see" it but it's not ready for the world yet, and publicly accessible when the little guy actually shoots out of mom.

Comment Re:Things I can't figure out (Score 1) 97

Yesterday someone taught me that there are evil bits. Now you're telling me that there are WHOLE BYTES that are evil?

Does every bit of the evil byte have to be an evil bit? Or just the majority of them? What happens if 4 of the 8 bits are evil? Does it fall back to a tie-breaking checksum bit to see if the checksum is evil or not?

Comment Re:Pi with an SO-DIMM Slot? SATA connectors? GigE? (Score 1) 134

Also, follow slashdotters... if there's a platform out there that accomplishes this that's not a proprietary NAS let me know. I've also investigated several microST motherboards but I don't want to have to deal with a "real" power supply, etc.

Not at a similar price point. A older mini-ITX system would have higher power draw, but would outperform a RPI3 easily. And there are multiple options that use a laptop power supply (E.g. Intel DH61AG). Embedded servers or something running a Bay Trail or Braswell CPU also would be in a similar category paired with a pico power supply if they don't take a laptop supply natively.

Comment Re:Damn you Google (Score 1) 164

For most unsavvy people though, "no new major OS update" = "no updates at all".

"Your phone isn't running Android 7.0? Wow, what a turd!"

For most people (and the typical /. reader is not in that group), they couldn't tell you what OS version their phone (Apple or Android) was running. They're going to see that they periodically have an update and think their phone is more or less up to date software wise.

Comment Re:Damn you Google (Score 2) 164

Google shitting on you

It's not shitting on you when it's their policy for 3 years of security updates and 2 years of major OTAs.

There's no Android OS which you can throw at a random ARM device and have it running with all the components functioning properly (camera, WiFi, 3G/4G, sensors, storage, etc.)

As oppose to iOS that you also can't throw at random ARM devices and have it running with all it's components functioning properly?

Both Android and iOS are compiled for specific hardware. Apple decided to lock down their OS for only their hardware, and Android decided to open it's OS to work with any hardware a manufacturer wants to support. One isn't better than the other, they are just two different philosophical approaches to the same issue of developing an ecosystem.

Comment Re:Banning passing the costs? (Score 3, Insightful) 445

Here's the relevant section of the law:

(b) Annually, not later than February 1, each transportation network company shall submit to the director of the division established in section 23 of chapter 25 the number of rides from the previous calendar year that originated within each city or town and a per-ride assessment of $0.20. A transportation network company shall not charge a transportation network rider or a transportation network driver, as defined in section 1 of chapter 159A½, for the cost of the per-ride assessment. Not later than June 30, the director shall post on the divisionâ(TM)s website the aggregate number of rides from the previous calendar year originating within each city or town.

The rider or the driver are not to be charged. So it has to come out of Uber's existing take of each ride. It makes it more expensive for Uber while it doesn't cost the rider any more and the driver still makes just as much.

But ultimately there is no way to prevent Uber from just raising their costs in other areas to offset their costs. It's no different than fining a company for some illegal act...the cost is always ultimately passed on to the customer. Or a police department settling a's not the police that pay it, it's the tax payers. The one that actually pays money into the system is always the one that foots the increased costs.

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