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Comment Re:And IMDB cares about this *why*, exactly? (Score 1) 312

It may not have to be a traditional office. Sales tax law for instance considers if you have a nexus in the state as to if you need to collect and remit state sales tax.

My company has sales staff in nearly every state, yet only has real offices in one. We have to collect tax though for each individual state because that 1 employee that drives around almost every day makes us have a nexus in the state.

I'd be very surprised if IMDB would be able to get away with having only remote workers in California and not have to comply with California law.

Comment Re:Anyone want to explain this (Score 1) 134

Snapchat filters are effects that can be applied to pictures and short videos. Filters may be something as simple as an overlay or some stylized text, but usually they employ some tracking of facial features to distort or alter the subject's appearance. Recent filters have included dog, cat, bee, a sad effect that makes you look like you have down syndrome, drag queen, Harley Quinn, face swapping, and more.

Some filters are available for long periods of time pretty much anywhere you go. Other filters, the geofilters, may only be available in the vicinity of a particular venue for a limited time.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 164

Who really needs their Plex library "in the cloud"?

Many people share their libraries with friends and family. If your local hardware or bandwidth isn't up to snuff this can make sharing multiple streams simultaneously a poor user experience as it will either stutter or video quality suffers.

Is the service needed by everyone? No. Is it required that everyone run Plex now in the cloud? No. Can it be of benefit to some users? Yes. I think it's far better to have the option and not use it, than to not have the option and need it.

Comment Re:I doubt Hollywood has an age discrimination iss (Score 2) 312

It's not even a issue if the discrimination is done for a bona fide occupational qualification.

It's also not just actors although they are visibly the most obvious example of looking an age. Directors, producers, other production staff, etc would also be covered. Not usually appearing on camera, it's harder to argue that they need to look an age in order to properly perform their job, yet they are the subject of ageism as well.

Comment Re:It's a FAKE! (Score 1) 122

Does that apply to special issuance passports for official state department travel/business or other "special" passports?

Obama was elected in 2008 so the family getting official business passports in December 2008 isn't far fetched. Add 5 years puts it in 2013 when it gets reissued. Not saying that is what happened, but it'd be plausible.

Comment Re:how is this still relevant? (Score 1) 382

Double-jeopardy doesn't apply if new evidence is brought in most countries.

It doesn't matter what happens in most countries, it only matters what the law is in the United States.

In Clinton's case, jeopardy never attached so double jeopardy doesn't even apply. If an actual trial had happened, a jury sworn in, and a dismissal due to lack of evidence or an acquittal happened, double jeopardy definitely would apply even if a "smoking gun" was later found. Once a case has been decided in trial prosecution doesn't get the opportunity to try, try again if better evidence shows up. That's the whole reasoning behind not bringing charges even when everyone "knows they did it" but there isn't sufficient evidence to prove it. If sufficient evidence later is found, then charges may be able to be brought up then to gain a conviction.

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