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Comment Re:Sounds a lot like USB-Câ power delivery (Score 1) 64

I haven't been keeping up with the latest USB spec but this direction of power flow sounds like it would have been in breach of earlier USB specs for everything except USB-OTG which turning a device into a host necessitates the reverse of the normal power flow.

I believe USB-C and USB Power Delivery (USB PD) specs had this specifically in mind. They changed the fixed concept of one device being the host/master and one being the guest/slave in lieu of the devices being able to negotiate roles as needed.

Comment Re:three reasons: (Score 1) 219

A large portion of the 18-24 demographic may be on their parents plan or split among multiple people lowering the average cost. And I don't think any of the major carriers charge $100 for their "unlimited" plan currently. I know I have 4 lines on Tmobile for $100 (+ taxes) and while not unlimited, with our home internet none of us go over the 3 or 3.5GB/month bucket.

18-24 years ago the previous generation also probably had a $40 phone bill, $20+ internet bill for dialup, and $40+ cable bill...all replaced by that now <$100 cell phone bill.

Comment Re:Use Mahindra & Mahindra (Score 2, Informative) 494

That will be followed by 'buy American' legislation, and foreign tractors will be shut out of the US market.

What does "buy American" mean though? Mahindra is an Indian brand, but makes most of their US-sold tractors in the United States. John Deere is a US brand, but manufacturers tractors and parts all over the world.

Same thing goes with automobiles. Is that US brand vehicle made in Mexico American? Or is the Japanese brand made in the US?

Or is your American-based Apple iPhone that's made in China by a Taiwan company with parts from many other countries "American"?

Comment Re:Card Skimmers? (Score 1) 70

Train bank employees that service the ATM to look for and recognize card skimmers...

ATMs are refilled at most daily? How many cards can a skimmer get if they install it right after an ATM is reloaded. A busy location may be dozens and the skimmer could easily be pulled off prior to the next reload time if it's a normal routine.

Also most of the credit union locations I'm a member of have an ATM mounted on the side of the building. All the reloading is done from the inside of the bank. No employee would need to look at the outside on a regular basis.

Install software on the ATM itself that scans Bluetooth for card skimmers, and SHUT DOWN if it detects one.

This implies the skimmer uses bluetooth. It could just as easily use a non-standard wireless protocol or even not wireless at all. It could just record the stripe data for retrieval later via a cable.

Comment Re: Quad Sockets: (Score 1) 138

Quad (and octa) core servers are the moon rockets of IT. Yes, they do exist. No they are not common. Only for very, very special missions.

Cores or sockets? If you actually mean cores just about every Xeon processor made this decade is quad core or better. Most i5 and i7s are quad or better as well. On the AMD side has there been a model this decade that's not quad core or better?

He said 'rare' not 'nonexistent'

He actually said "SUPER-RARE". Having boards/servers readily available from Dell, Supermicro, HP, Tyan, and others I wouldn't say "SUPER-RARE". I would say "not common."

Comment Re:Highly reliable numbers? (Score 1) 125

For a warehouse like this, "defragmenting" really wouldn't have a meaning.

In a spinning drive filesystem, locating all the consecutive blocks of a file adjacent to each other can give a performance advantage for reads and possibly writes as the head doesn't have to move for each sector. It's already basically where it needs to be.

For a warehouse, part 123 doesn't need to be next to 124. The only advantage to having them next to each other is for a human to quickly be able to locate it. A computerized warehouse would already know the location.

There could be some optimization for putting often needed parts closer to the delivery point so that the trip time isn't as long. But optimization != defragmentation.

SSD drives would be a better example of a warehouse. Just store the item, whether it's a block of data or an inventory item, wherever space is available. As long as you know where it's located, you don't have to worry about periodically defragging or consolidating space.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 233

To me 56% sounds like we just need twice as many interceptors to catch enough incoming that it's not worth a first strike on the US because the retaliation will be total in exchange for rather low odds of doing any damage to the US.

Or the enemy needs to launch twice as many missiles in the first place. Plus if we double the number of interceptors, about a quarter of the missiles still make it through.

Comment Re:One bitcoin is worth more than gold to idiots (Score 1) 208

The places that do 'accept' it, for the most part DONT ACTUALLY ACCEPT BITCOIN . . . It's too fucking volatile to hold onto. They mostly pass BitCoin transactions through a third party who then pays your bill with a real financial transaction.

Oh, so sort of like credit cards. You give your card information to the merchant, they go to a 3rd party who then actually handles the shifting of money around.

Outside of malware and exchanges, no one of any importance directly accepts BitCoin for payment, so try again., Expedia, Newegg,, Shopify stores, Dish... Yeah you're right. None of those businesses are really of any importance. Just some of the largest online retailers or service providers in their particular industry.

If I wanted to pay a bill with Bitcoin, I don't care what the merchant does with it after I make my payment. It's not my problem as long as my account is credited for the payment.

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