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Comment What Pisses Me Off More... (Score 0) 192

...than the hack itself is the lack of cooperation from ISPs used by the hackers. They don't seem to care that illegal activity is taking place on their network. Whether the attack originates from their network or the network hosts the web page or DNS records, they ignore requests for action.

Comment Re:How could the attackers... (Score 0) 183

Happens all the time. I've seen servers compromised with no attempt to harvest email addresses, ecommerce data, or passwords. Most of these "hackers" are script kiddies that use automated tools to locate and compromise servers. Once they're in, they don't really know what to do next to take full advantage of their access. Hooray for amateurs.

Comment Re:Same Problem Here (Score 0) 619

To add insult to injury, I get tons of snail mail for other people too. My house used to be split into upstairs and downstairs apartments. Apparently, some shady characters used to live there. I've received overdue notices from hospitals, court summons, magazine subscriptions, and more. After owning the house for 3.5 years now, I'm still getting other peoples mail. I have no interest in tracking down the old occupants, and the post office doesn't seem to give a crap.

Comment Same Problem Here (Score 0) 619

A lady in New York sent me pictures of her new purse.

The film crew for the movie The Fighter sent me info about the shooting schedule and on-set parking issues.

I receive flight and car rental reminders for guy in Phoenix.

I've even received bills from a pool company and electrician in North Carolina.

The worst was a California photographer that signed up with numerous photography companies at a trade show.

Sometimes it's it interesting, but mostly it sucks. I unsubscribe where possible and delete the rest.

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