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Comment Re:What about the far-left? (Score 1) 978

It's no secret that BLM incites violence against white people and cops

Reference to the BLM policy supporting "inciting violence against white people and cops", please./quote>

Nice straw here, troll.

The original wording is that BLM ITSELF incites violence against some groups.

Moving the focus to their "policy" just shows you're trolling. Who gives a fuck about what their official policy or charter? Their actions and their speeches are all that cares.

According to your cretinous trolling, Mafia shouldn't be indicted because nobody can reference any Mafia policy about violent crimes.

Comment Stop lying (Score 1) 176

Former Eastern Block countries have some great "IT people" who could do great in a normal environment...but there are no "normal" jobs for them. So, they get hired by criminal organizations instead. Everyone's got to eat.

Stop lying. You're describing Eastern Europe cca. 1995.

Nowadays, more than 20 years after, the situation is the exact opposite: not enough IT people compared with available jobs in the local market. Moreover, non-local job opportunities all over the EU drain the IT people from Eastern Europe.

Comment Shameless opportunists being refused a free ride (Score 1) 239

There was nothing "cult-like".

The networking team at Apple understood there could be a huge business opportunity to build a business over stock OCP, so they thought Apple should pay their bills while they are learning OCP and iterate various ideas. Understanding that Apple won't pay for their OCP education, the team chose to keep going on their predetermined course.

Since Apple anyway joined OCP later on, it's possible they used this situation to weed out the opportunists who tried to ride Apple for their own further goals.

Comment Fascism =/= totalitarian (Score 0, Flamebait) 380

Fascist assholes who simply want to silence their opposition are all over the spectrum, sadly.

By definition Fascists, being on the extreme left (as they are an offshoot of Socialism, just like the Nazis), can't be "all over the spectrum".

You may be thinking of totalitarian minded people (or whatever you want to call that).

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