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Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 106

So we always have just the two offerings, who have, mysteriously, the same price, though they use completely different infrastructures. Just like TV happens to cost the same whether delivered by cables that were paid off by the early 90s, or satellites 40,000km overhead. What are the odds such different technologies would cost exactly the same to the consumer?

You betray an utter lack of understanding of economics in general and business in particular.

The price is not a function of costs, as you mistakenly believe, but of the balance between supply and demand.

Comment Re: Good for them (Score 1) 1592

During the last year's standoff, the Troika dangled a carrot of 20% write-off - it failed to materialize

You are lying by omission here. The write-off was discussed BEFORE your favorite cretinous clowns Tsipras and Varoufakis tried their criminal bluff. After the EU called their bluff, there was no reason to treat them with any respect.

Greece imposed austerity on the level that has not been seen in a peacetime in Europe.

Now you are straight out lying, as the obvious examples of Romania in the 80s, former USSR in the 90s are much, much worse examples of imposed austerity in Europe.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 1592

EU has shown that if your government makes a mistake (or even if it doesn't - see "Spain") and you fall on hard times, then instead of getting help you will be beaten into a pulp and left to be picked up by vultures.

So you claim that receiving HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of Euros is somehow being "beaten to a pulp and left to be picked up by vultures"?????

Let me guess: you were no the brightest between your Bolshevik friends...

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 1592

By insisting on Greece paying debts at a rate that is insurmountable and not providing any form of relief. Had Greece been out of the EU, they could have devalued their currency and/or defaulted on their debts. After a couple of years of turmoil they could have achieved sustainable growth. I suggest reading: [] if you care about it.

Taking advice from Varoufakis about finance and/or Greece is like taking advice from Hitler about Jews and/or peace.

Comment Re:Economist in Support (Score 1) 866

I'm an economist; I recently finished my PhD and am now working in the tech industry.

So was Varoufakis, the former finance minister of Greece (aka the imbecile clown with cretinous ideas). In other words, what you seem to believe it's a position that gives authority in the topic is actually the same qualification as one of the finest examples of being a stupefying imbecile.

I am hugely in favor of UBI.

You just disgraced yourself saying that. UBI is another version of Soviet system. It can't work on the long term. It can work on short term only of the system is autonomous (better fully separated) from the world economy and population pool.

Comment Re:Why conceal it? (Score 1, Insightful) 740

Your whole text reinforces the disdain of Central and Eastern Europeans against selfish Western Europeans.

"For you, "socialist" is a nasty word. For me, here in Europe, we have had a socialist party in our government for the better parts of the latter 20 century, and we have reached a prosperity level that most of the world, and I dare say including the US, envy us for. So someone calling himself "socialist" isn't that big a deal here."

In Central and Eastern European members of the EU the reality is that "Socialist" is being seen as a more tricky version of "Communist" (which in itself is seen as nothing different than "Nazi"). Yes, the Socialists themselves tend to believe being a Socialist is oh-so-different than being a Communist (with a minority being actually hardcore Communists who realize their only way to influence is by using the Socialist umbrella). But since most Socialist parties are in reality former Communist ones (you know, those who enslaved their own nations post WW2), their situation is very similar to those who are sorry for being caught, not sorry for doing something bad. For the majority of the population Socialism has negative connotations (for obvious reasons).

"He would, by the way, be the absolute polar opposite of a "liberal" for the average European."

True. A liberal in Europe still follows the classical liberalism stance of freedom.

"Also due to our political history, where the liberals are usually found at the right edge of the political spectrum."

Not true. And it shows that you're a socialist / social-democrat / leftist yourself (not that there were much remaining doubts by now). European liberals are on the CENTRE-RIGHT of the political spectrum. On the RIGHT-EDGE are, well, right-wing / nationalist / populist movements and parties. But as usual European leftists believe they are the center, so of course a liberal would be so far to the right...

"A "conservative" here is more a centrist than a right wing nutjob."

I fail to see where on this discussion (which is focusing exclusively on either USA or the European Union) conservatives are *EVER* believed to be "right wing nutjobs". The only place would be some Communist propaganda outlets... So now we know even better your position, comrade "Opportunist"!

"If you're looking for poisoned words in the political arena here, I guess you have to reach for "nationalist". That well has been utterly poisoned for good, I think. But I guess that's what starting the bloodiest war in the history of mankind would do."

Funny thing is that WW2 was started by National-SOCIALIST Germany and COMMUNIST Russia attacking and sharing Poland. So let's tone down the obvious lies that the bloodiest war in history was not the direct effect of left wing nutjobs bringing socialist / communist revolution to the unprepared world.

Comment Re:Router (Score 3, Funny) 49

Should I be liable for /all/ of it??

Of course you should be held liable. By your own admission you knew of the problem and didn't fix it. End of story.

Just for you to understand: a safe harbor situation happens only the the Internet access provider takes place to track access: either individual logins + passwords or tracking activity and storing the logs for N years. Absent such measures the access provider is liable for actions originating from his/her access point.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 218

CEO's primary job is increasing share value. So why aren't they all just paid minimum wage, plus a bonus proportional to how much they increase shareholder value buy? Stock goes down, they eat beans and wieners for dinner.

Maybe it's like that because of this little known thing called the law of supply and demand: the supply of wanna-be CEOs is a function of the benefits offered by the companies in need of CEOs.

Comment Re:Mindboggling (Score 1) 106

Amazing. One would think that a family with that sort of wealth at their disposal might be able to hire all sorts of nannies/governesses/tutors at any hour of the month to keep their kids occupied (and educated) while they slept in - whether on a weekend or on any other day of the week.

Cudos for keeping it real and staying in touch with how the other half ^H^H^H^H 99.9999% lives.

Amazing. One would think that an intelligent, educated reader of Slashdot might be able to understand that this is a highly "massaged" version of the real story, which Melinda Gates' PR department disseminates to the 99%.

Cudos for keeping your innocence and believing everything on the "Kardashians" TV shows.

Comment This is absolutely not about free speech (Score 1) 191

I think Americans' (rightful) pride in the First Amendment has blinded many to the fact that legislators have basically stopped paying attention to the whole area of speech, and so there's a huge amount we'll-know-it-when-we-see-it arbitrary case law around things like free vs. criminal speech, what speech acts are protected from civil liability, etc.

You seem utterly uninformed on the topic you're publicly commenting. Free speech means the GOVERNMENT can't decide on behalf of the citizens what they can or can't say. As Twitter is not part of the government, any reference to free speech is idiotic.

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