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Comment Re: Haha (Score 1, Troll) 196

The bombers came from the US and the napalm came from the US. The war (and the atrocities) doesn't happen without US imperialism.

The truth is that the killings and suffering in Vietnam increased tenfold after the Americans were gone and the civilians were left to face the Communists.

It's okay to suck Communist dick, I just hope you do that for money (as opposed to being so dumb to do it for free).

Comment Re:Next the gov't decides YOU have too much money. (Score 0) 579

The end of the "Rule of Law" story, I guess you mean? Shame. It had its problems, but on average I was a fan. The sequel, "Despotic and Arbitrary Kleptocracy", sounds like it's going to suck.

As you can see Slashdot is full of leftist retards. They'll understand their own extreme cretinism only when it will be too late.

Comment Re:Irish blessings (Score 0) 579

So, they got Ireland's tax authority's "blessing" to not pay taxes to other countries. Isn't that nice. Getting a third party's consent doesn't give you the right to not pay taxes in the place where income is earned.

If I get Ireland's blessing to tell me "you don't have to pay US taxes", that does not affect my IRS income tax bill.

You must be truly dumb to not comprehend this is about Ireland giving the blessing of not paying taxes *IN IRELAND*.

Comment Re:Russia would have nada If the US system was hon (Score 0, Troll) 531

"centrist Hillary"

Only a Bolshevik would call Hillary Clinton a "centrist". She's a leftist from the Democratic party.

"Bernie's views matched mine better than hers do"

Ah, that explains.

Listen, Bernie Sanders is a Commie. The US Constitution gives you the right to be a Commie, but not to be stupid. Claiming a liberal such as Hillary Clinton is "centrist" is plain stupid.

Comment Leftist shit (Score 0) 367

Leftist newspaper cries crocodile tears for the future fate of some people. Same people which helped destroy the livelihood of some taxi drivers, another reason for another round of crocodile tears for the leftist Guardian.

Guardian doesn't give a shit about Uber drivers. Guardian simply plays the same leftist shit as usual: capitalism is only bad, UK is only bad, UK past is only bad, USA is only bad, USA past is only bad, economic change is only bad (except when it's associated with a heavy dose of leftist propaganda - then it's all fine, please have some more).

Comment Re:Publishing mediums have changed (Score 1) 465

What anyone posts on Twitter is, by every definition of the word [thelawdictionary.org], publishing. So, if People Magazine makes a statement like, "Pollux is a child molester," they are making an untrue public statement that may easily be subject to a libel suit. Trolls everyday on Twitter say the same, so why don't we hold Twitter to the same standard?

You're being confused here. In your analogy Twitter is not the publisher - Twitter is THE PRINTER. The trolls are the publishers.

Comment Republic vs democracy???? (Score 1) 246

In the US, it's still not a democracy; we're a republic.

Why on fucking earth so many Americans insist on this idiotic claim that somehow democracy is the opposite of a republic?

The opposite of democracy is AUTOCRACY.

The opposite of a republic is MONARCHY.

That's why we can see:
- democratic monarchies: UK, Netherland, etc.
- democratic republics: France, USA, etc.
- autocratic monarchies: Saudi Arabia, Brunei, etc.
- autocratic republics: Syria, Sudan, etc.

Please stop spreading cretinous claims.

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 197

go fuck off and try to make that money inside those tax havens where the money is hidden

Actually most of the investment funds do exactly that. Your claims are obviously baseless.

Instead of allowing corrupt foreign countries to steal the social services that create the economic opportunities to generate the actual fucking income

Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Djibouti, Brazil are getting military umbrella services from the US military bases over there (the spendings in the hundreds of billions dollars, the life of American soldiers priceless). Yet you're calling British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg... corrupt foreign countries? Your claims are obviously baseless.

they should brutally and forcefully crack down on those tax havens and bankrupt them, done and finished.

Because...reasons? And who exactly are "they"? Your claims are obviously baseless.

They are economic terrorists (seriously, those fuckers handle money for terrorists, organised crime and corrupt dictators, actual economic terrorists)

I get that your deranged ramblings switched the meaning of "they", however it is my pleasure to let you know that indeed bankrupting tax havens by brutally and forcefully cracking down on them would be, for all intents and purposes, "economic terrorism". You're an apologist of economic terrorism.

factually killing people where the income is being generated by forcing austerity.

Okay, you make Bernie Sanders sounds like centrist. Your claims are obviously baseless.

You make that money in a country, so you can pay your fucking taxes in the country where you made the money.

You obviously don't understand international trade of goods and services. Let's say you (okay, not really you, as you're obviously a retard) buy 200,000 metric tons of cement from Argentina and sold it at a US$8 profit per ton to a customer in Mexico. Your trading company is an IBC in Panama. Let me know where exactly do you want to pay taxes, and why. Your claims are obviously baseless.

You want to hide your money in a tax haven, fine fuck off and try fucking making it in that tax haven, ohh wait, you can't because those tax havens are worthless shit holes that can not generate any real revenue,

Once again you bring up this fallacious argument that tax havens serve no legit purpose and have no intrinsic economic value. You believe Detroit have a legit right over money made by that trader in Panama. Or by some investment fund in BVI. And you truly believe the economic value of Detroit is superior to that of Bermudas. Your claims are obviously baseless.

hence the corrupt parasitic theft of other countries taxes and social services.

USA is taxing money made abroad. By your own definition USA is the biggest parasitic thief on Earth. :-)

That kind of tax haven terrorist economic warfare should be answered with total trade bans and forced bankruptcy

Interesting how violent you are, considering you don't understand the subject and you failed pathetically to make your case.

especially considering they are factually aiding terrorism, organised crime and political corruption by being global money launderers

I think you mean buying oil from the Middle East...

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 106

So we always have just the two offerings, who have, mysteriously, the same price, though they use completely different infrastructures. Just like TV happens to cost the same whether delivered by cables that were paid off by the early 90s, or satellites 40,000km overhead. What are the odds such different technologies would cost exactly the same to the consumer?

You betray an utter lack of understanding of economics in general and business in particular.

The price is not a function of costs, as you mistakenly believe, but of the balance between supply and demand.

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