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Comment Re: Wow (Score 1) 128

$15B fine on 11M defective by design units? That's a shade over $1000 a unit in fines. Does that fine even cover the profit per unit. VW shouldn't be making a profit per unit after fines.

If the fine for violating the emissions standards is so low and still appropriate, couldn't I just pay $1500 more to buy a car without all the emissions gear? The lower cost of servicing a slightly more expensive car without all the emissions baggage would more than cover the extra $1500.

If not, then the fine isn't appropriate now is it?

Nope.. not 11M cars .. only the 480,000 2L TDI and potentially the 90,000 3L TDI (still being negotiated). spread across 7 years.

Given that the gas models sell more than the diesel models and that the body work is equivalent .. those parts won't last long.

Even the diesel parts will get reused .. if and only if VW gets an approved fix. Blow a passing 2L TDI engine component (think turbo)
get one for half price from a non-compliant 2L sold back to VW.

Comment Re:Police state San Jose (Score 2) 258

Indeed. I read this

"This is a public street. You're not expecting privacy on a public street."

and my immediate reaction was "then perhaps you should be".

You aren't expecting not to have your car seen by someone passing in the street who wouldn't give it a second glance or remember it 10 seconds later. However, that's a totally different thing to having its identity and location digitally scanned, recorded indefinitely, and searchable in combination with arbitrary other data sources, giving rise to the reasonable privacy concerns mentioned in TFS and many more.

And don't forget, that the scanners read everything within their field of vision... so they will also collect information for vehicles sitting on the driveway as well as in the garage, if the door is up.

Comment Re:My Compact Flurorscents die (Score 1) 602

way too early.

I want a required "Good till" date printed on them, that guarantees they last at least X days, just like soda.

Yeah, most of them will last a lot longer than the printed date, because chances are you won't buy them and install them on the day they make them.

But still, if a curly bulb is supposed to last 5 years, and it dies one year after you install it, there should be an easy way to get a refund.

And just how do you propose to prove the CFL only lasted less than the rated life? It doesn't have a built in run timer, the serial number on the bulb is typically too small to capture with the average cell phone camera, and you can't expect the stores to track when they sold each and every bulb (Google probably would).

Even if you could prove that it failed early, then you get into the arena of the manufacturers adding usage direction that say "This build may only be run X hours per day. Any usage out side of this, voids your warranty"

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 546

Probably the biggest reason behind all those thousands (if not milions) of failed projects in the industry is coderz who learned how to code without learning why to code.
A degree in computer science doesn't teach you how to code but how to think.

As well as constant scope creep and timeline reduction.

Comment Re:HRBlock (Score 1) 386


My only complaint is that e-filing should be free software provided by the government and not commercial entities. Seems like that's the prerogative of the Feds, but those under a certain income bracket do get free filing and software.

Do you really think that the Govt and in particular the IRS could ever get the software done? Look at how many millions if not billions of dollars the IRS has spent trying to upgrade their hardware ... and they still haven't managed to do it.

Comment Re:technology vs law (Score 1) 168

Your list of potential crimes is insanely stupid and completely unrealistic. What next? Are you going to outlaw all sodas sold in cups 17 oz or larger? That will be the day.

That was the point .. the vastly increasing number of laws, rules, regulations and policies for which the American public is willing to surrender their constitutional rights. Yes, some sanity prevailed in the NYC case, but not common sense. The NYC ban was struck down because the judge decided it was unfair to say certain merchants couldn't sell 17+ oz sodas, but someone next door could because they were classified differently.

It all boils down to the rapidly disappearing concept of common sense. Everyone should know that consuming 2000 calories a day in sugary drinks is bad for you .. but people still do it.

Comment Re:technology vs law (Score 1) 168

All I know is that, I've got nothing to hide, so I don't care, but, for those who do, they may have to switch to another provider....

And what happens when it becomes a felony to possess $100 bill, or to take 4 pain killers when the bottle says 2, .. speeding over 5 mph
not taking reusable bags to the grocery store ..

In this day and age .. no telling what will be the next big federal crime... streaming copyrighted video from a site not owned by the copyright holder comes to mind.

Comment Re:Expect networks to run to Congress (Score 4, Informative) 373

I'm happy for overseas people to pay to be able to get access. I see no reason why overseas subscription isn't an option. The BBC is wonderful and the content should be seen.

Basically, the oversite board ruled that if the BBC sold "internet license" to non-UK residents, it would be canabilizing the overseas alternatives like BBC-America, BBC-Canada etc. and thus reducing there profits

Comment Re:Generally, when prescription drugs.... (Score 1) 392

Depends on the drugs you require...

For me, without insurance, 1 drug is $10 per quarter( $40 for the year), the other is $900 per quarter($2,700 for the year) total outlay $2,740 .. with my insurance I pay an extra $120 a year for drug coverage so with my insurance I pay $10 per quarter for 1 and I pay $600 for a full years supply of the other for a total outlay of $760 for the same drugs ..

To get the drug coverage, I simply see my primary doctor 1 time (covered 100% by the insurance) and get 2 prescriptions for 90 days worth of meds with 3 refills.

If you are dealing with a chronic disease, you go in for an annual checkup and get prescriptions for a years worth of all your drugs and never see the doctor again until next year unless you get sick or hurt ..

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