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GNOME Developer Suggests Split From GNU Project 587

blozza2070 writes "In a recent posting from Philip Van Hoof, he suggests that GNOME split off from the GNU Project and has proposed a vote. He was informed he will need 10% of members to agree for a vote to be put forth. At the same time, David Schlesinger (on the GNOME Advisory Board) has agreed on a vote. Stormy Peters said she doesn't agree with this, but then gave everyone instructions on how to proceed with a vote. She mentioned that roughly 20 members are needed to agree." The mailing list server is timing out as of this writing, but iTWire has the Cliff's notes.
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Jack Thompson Sues Facebook For $40M 421

angry tapir writes "Jack Thompson has sued Facebook for US$40 million, saying that the social networking site harmed him by not removing angry postings made by Facebook gamers. The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Thompson is best known for bringing suit against Grand Theft Auto's Take Two Interactive, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and Wal-Mart, arguing that the game caused violent behavior."
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Toshiba To Halt HD-DVD Production 494

Multiple users have written to tell us that Toshiba is planning to halt production of devices related to HD-DVD. According to Japanese broadcasting network NHK, Toshiba will lose "hundreds of millions of dollars" as the format war finally draws to a close. Regardless, investors are pleased that Toshiba has made the decision to cut its losses. This comes after a last-ditch price cut was unable to prevent Wal-mart from throwing their lot in with Blu-ray, although some sources suggest that Wal-mart was already aware of Toshiba's plans to withdraw from fight.

Submission + - Internet Uses 9.4% of U.S. Electricity (

ribuck writes: "Equipment powering the internet accounts for 9.4% of electricity demand in the U.S., and 5.3% of global demand, according to research by David Sarokin at online pay-for-answers service Uclue. Worldwide, that's 868 billion kilowatt-hours per year. The total includes the energy used by desktop computers and monitors (which makes up two-thirds of the total), plus other energy sinks including modems, routers, data processing equipment and cooling equipment."
United States

Submission + - FDA and Drugs Not Yet Approved

The Assistant writes: Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

CNN has a story FDA fails to vet many prescription drugs about drugs that slip through the cracks and are sold prior to being approved.

CyberActivist.US forums had a story in August Court Rules Drugs Cannot Be Used Until FAD Approved" in which the court ruled that patients with terminal illnesses could not get drugs unless the FDA approved them.

If the FDA is having a problem with everyone having the risk of getting unapproved drugs, why can't they let those who have the most to gain and least to lose try something that may improve their condition?

Submission + - Smart Image Resizing Cuts Out Useless Pixels ( 1

FsG writes: Wouldn't it be useful if you could make images smaller by selectively removing the least important pixels? New research in computer science makes it possible to do just that, thereby shrinking images without either distorting them or making the important elements too small.
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - 20 Reasons Not to Run BioShock DX10 over DX9

ThinSkin writes: "After learning about a 20 frames-per-second penalty for running DX10 instead of DX9 in BioShock, Joel Durham Jr. over at ExtremeTech thought it would be a good idea to compare the image quality differences of BioShock DX10 vs. DX9. Long story short: There is no difference. From the article: "BioShock is turning out to be an engrossing and downright fun shooter. DirectX 10, in the meantime, is turning out to be a non-issue. If you decided to play in DirectX 9 for the sake of performance, you're really not missing much at all.""
The Internet

Submission + - Courts Nix Net Radio Plea

An anonymous reader writes: It looks like the courts will not give Webcasters the relief they seek from the new Internet radio rates that go into effect on Sunday. The courts denied the Webcasters' request to delay the hikes, citing that they didn't meet the high burden necessary to establish their case. In a press release issued today SaveNetRadio spokesperson Jay Ward said "We are disappointed that the Court failed to acknowledge the irreparable and quite frankly, devastating effect these new royalties will have on the Internet radio industry,". Webcaster must now hope that Congress will come to their aid. The House Commerce Committee led by Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) called members of both the Internet radio and recording industries into a meeting today in an attempt to mediate a workable solution before Sunday. If no solution comes about many small Webcasters say they will have no choice but to fold their operations.
The Internet

Submission + - Outsource Your Brain for Science (

ReadWriteWeb writes: "A new project from the University of Oxford (UK), the University of Portsmouth (UK) and Johns Hopkins University (US) aims to harness the power of the human brain to identify and classify galaxies and stars. On the Galaxy Zoo website, users are asked to identify the objects in photographs as spiral or elliptical galaxies, the direction of rotation, or if the photo depicts a star or merger of galaxies. The site launched yesterday and says they have already had an "amazing response."

"The human brain is actually better than a computer at pattern recognition tasks like this. Whether you spend five minutes, fifteen minutes or five hours using the site your contribution will be invaluable," said Kevin Schawinski of Oxford University of the project."


Submission + - Google to build Iowa data center...

The Bastard writes: Iowa politicians were stumbling all over themselves today to announce that Google will blow $600 million to build a new datacenter to be located in Council Bluffs, Iowa. (That's flyover country for those of you in Rio Linda.)
What begins to make this so interesting is not so much what is located in Council Bluffs, but what is located across the Missouri River in Omaha and suburbs. Specifically, USSTRATCOM and USSTRATCOM-GISC, Berkshire-Hathaway, TD-Ameritrade, InfoUSA, and others.
But what really adds to the interest level is this blurb from the news report, which initially didn't make sense:

MidAmerican Energy said it will be a partner in the project. It is working to expand its wind energy generation capability to about 18 percent of its total output
However, this Slashdot post tonight ("Google Spends Money to Jump-Start Hybrid Car Development") clarified the picture. And Iowa-based MidAmerican Energy Holdings (the parent company) is more than just your typical multi-national energy company. Their HomeServices of America subsidiary owns several real estate companies around the nation. No matter how you look at it, it's an interesting mash-up, indeed.

Submission + - Vista Virtualization Flip Flop (

WrongSizeGlass writes: It looks like Microsoft has changed its mind about changing its mind. FTA:

Microsoft planned this week to announce that it was broadening the virtualization rights for Windows Vista, but decided at the last minute to reverse course and stick with existing limits.
Let the speculation begin.


Submission + - Leopard to include ZFS (

coldfarnorth writes: From the article:

"We've heard rumors for a while that Apple's forthcoming Leopard operating system will use the next-generation file system called ZFS.

Now it seems to be official. As notes, Sun Microsystems's Jonathan Schwartz said on Wednesday that the ZFS would be "the file system" for Leopard, succeeding HFS+. "


Submission + - Halo 2 Vista delayed Due to Nude Content

Jnivekk writes: "For those of you who have been waiting for the PC version of Halo 2, looks like you will have to wait a little longer — that is, if you're able to tear yourself away from the Xbox 360 Halo 3 beta. Microsoft has once again pushed back the release date for the Windows Vista edition of Halo 2 to May 31.

Halo 2 Vista was originally set for release on May 8, but Microsoft decided to push it back in order to make some important improvements to the install experience and to touch upon other technical issues.

"Halo 2 for Windows Vista did not release to retailers on May 22, as previously announced, and will now ship from manufacturers on May 31," a Microsoft representative said. "Shadowrun will be the first game to debut the highly anticipated Games for Windows Live system on May 29. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers."

Interestingly enough, reports are now surfacing that nudity is the cause for Halo 2 PC release. In an email statement received by Next-Generation, Microsoft said, "It has come to our attention that an unfortunate, obscure content error which includes partial nudity was included in our initial production of "Halo 2" for Windows Vista. As such, we have updated the initial game packaging at retailers with a label, so customers are aware before purchasing the game. Additionally, we've developed an online update which can be downloaded from to remove the content. At Microsoft we take the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) guidelines very seriously and hold ourselves to high standards, with our customers always in mind."

While Microsoft is officially calling it a delay, some stores have already received shipments and are selling copies. Stores such as Circuit City and other retail chain websites list the PC shooter as currently shipping and available for in-store pickup."

Submission + - Dell claims next day support equals 3 days later?

Symphonic5 writes: I just got off the phone with Dell support and was surprised to hear that even while having "next day on site service", I can expect a tech maybe on Monday, 4 days away. Apparently, as dell as just informed me, next day on site means that I will recieve a call about the issue the next day to schedule an appointment, the tech will show up a a few days time. Am I crazy to expect that with next day on site service a tech should show up, well, next day? Has anyone else had any problems like this?

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