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Comment "They" (Score 1) 1197

I love how people quickly lump everyone together as "they". This pilot sounds like an idiot (I have no proof either way). This pilot is one out of hundreds of thousands, almost all of which manage to stay out of the news. This article attracts a lot of attention because "drones" tend to push people's paranoid buttons (occasionally, rightly so). You do not own the airspace over your house, though an intelligent pilot would keep a respectful distance. I belong to a multi-rotor club and guidelines are often discussed for safety and co-existing in society in addition to actual regulations. None of us want to see safe and courteous use of our copters curtailed by one or two idiots. Two facts will remain: drones are here to stay, and there will always be an idiot somewhere. (Sometimes people with guns can be idiots too.)

Comment Eh? Hearing? (Score 1) 574

OK, as I head into my 60's I'd consider my hearing good, but not great. Last year my old computer speakers died and I upgraded to a pair of Bose speakers. Wow, what a difference. So, given that I enjoy my MP3's and streaming music through my computer speakers, I'm far from an audiophile, but It works for me. I don't think I'd really be able to tell if I was listening to a better quality sound source. Guess I'll say good-bye to Young.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 176

There was a story a few months back of a drone interfering with a police helicopter of the Brooklyn Bridge. Everyone was up in arms about it, saying how it jeopardized the lives of pilot and passengers. A few days later it was revealed that it was, in fact, the helicopter that pursued the drone. They determined this by listening to the cockpit recordings and the pilot was laughing about chasing the drone.

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