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Comment Bomb researcher not impressed with IED (Score 4, Insightful) 178

Expert: I mean, look at it - it's a bunch of nails and duct tape around a low explosive core which doesn't have nearly the proper confinement for even 50% of the maximum shock wave capable, much less the ability to transition to detonation. And this wiring - that's just disgraceful - the solder didn't even flow properly here, and this is entirely unsheilded - anything could set this off accidentally, even a cell phone. If you were in my training program, you're fail miserably.

Terrorist: We used one of these yesterday to kill 25 people and injure another 70 in a market in Aleppo.


Comment Re:Heu.. ???? (Score 1, Troll) 396

It is SO "systemd". More of the binary is better bullshit.

If you need a .Net runtime for your shell, you are f*cked.

Since every object type that you'd want to build for *nix systems already exists as Perl or Ruby code, that can be accessed through C-PAN or Git, I really don't see what problem this solves. The problem of how to force a .Net runtime on every machine in existence?

Comment Re:So glad I don't work with her (Score 1) 290


Black hole.

I have 21-year-old acquaintances who have NEVER looked at voicemail in their entire lives. More so remarkable, because they'd individually had iPhones with a visual voicemail feature, for up to 20% of their time on earth.

You want to annoy my 16-year old? Call on the phone. I expect voice to be a nearly dead medium in a decade.

Comment Re:Universal Basic Income would fix that (Score 1) 85

When you are almost depressed? Anything to take your mind off it.

When you are giddy? You can take on the WORLD! "That'll show 'em all!"

Somehow this observation is presented as a counter-intuitive result from examining new data. We ALL love counter-intuitive results. Comprehending them makes us feel intelligent.

Comment Reference for those who didn't get the memo... (Score 1) 272

Hell, they probably got exploited by exploits they hoarded and were discovered independently.

But hey, remember folks, everything should have a Government-approved back door in it which only the Government can use, just in case they need access. It'll absolutely be secure...

Just like that time Microsoft thought the Clipper chip was a great idea and lost the master key to their entire Surface subscriber encrypted disks?

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