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Journal Journal: With love, from Debian 3

I received this amusing spam today:

Greetings From Victoria,

how are you today? and how about your health? hope fine and you are doing
well, My Name Is Victoria I am looking for a very nice man of love,
caring, honest, matured, understanding, and of good character, then
after going to your profile on this site (bugs.debian.org) pick
interest in you, so i will like you to write me with my E-mail address
which is as follow, for me to tell you more about me, and as well give
you my pictures because am really looking for a seriously relationship
with you. My address is(victorriaja@yahoo.co.uk)

thanks Yours New Friend Miss Victoria.


Journal Journal: is mozilla mail really that popular? 1

I recieved this odd spam email today. I had no idea that Mozilla mail was this popular!


I think we had correspondence a long time ago if it was not you I am sorry.
If it was I could not answer you because my Mozilla mail manager was down for a
long time and I could not fix it only with my friend's help I got the emails
address out for me ..:)
I hope it was whom we were corresponded with you are still interested, as I am,
though I realize much time has passed since then...
I really don't know where to start ....
Maybe you could tell me a little about yourself since I lost our early letters,
your appearance,age , hobbies, and are you still in the search?
If it was you I wrote to and you are interested to get to know me better, I have
a profile at :

Don't really know what else to say for now I hope this is the right address

Let me know if you are interested, And I hope
you won't run when you see my picture :-)


Yanochka K.

United States

Journal Journal: Fully Buzzword-Compliant

Libby Copeland has unsheathed her vorpal sword to dispense with all sorts of fantastic phrases in her recent special report for the Washington Post:

If we strain, we can recall a time before the leak probe , when yellowcake was for birthdays, and we knew not how to properly pronounce Niger . (That's Nee-jehr, darlings.) After Friday's five-count indictment of vice presidential chief of staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, we consider how far we have come, with this look at the lexicon of the Plame Game .

"Ordinary people without licence will carry on inventing words and idioms. The language belongs to them too." --Philip Howard

First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal Journal: Tueller Drill 6

One would think that a gun beats a knife every time. With superior weaponry, the fight should be easily won. But Dennis Tueller showed that it was not that simple.

Dennis Tueller was a sergeant in the police department of Salt Lake City, Utah. A common test of handgun skill was to start with one's hands at shoulder level with a holstered gun and place two shots on a target 7 yards away within 1.5 seconds. Typically, those trained with handguns can complete the drill in 1.3-1.4 seconds, although some have managed the task in less than one second.

Sgt. Tueller wondered how quickly an attacker with a knife could cover those same 21 feet. So he measured as volunteers raced to stab the target. He determined that it could be done in 1.5 seconds. These results were first published as an article in S.W.A.T. Magazine in 1983 and in a police training video by the same title, How Close is Too Close?

A "good guy" with a gun has a dilemma. If he shoots too early, he risks being charged with murder. If he waits until the attacker is definitely within striking range so there is no question about motives, he risks injury and even death. The Tueller experiments quantified a "danger zone" where an attacker presented a clear threat.

The Tueller Drill combines both parts of the original experiments by Sgt. Tueller. There are several ways it can be conducted (See also Dan Young's Handgun Drills, Standards, and Training Page).

  1. The "attacker" and shooter are positioned back-to-back. At the signal, the "attacker" sprints away from the shooter, and the shooter unholsters his gun and shoots at the target 21 feet in front of him. The "attacker" stops as soon as the shot is fired. The shooter is successful only if his shot is good and if the runner did not cover 21 feet.
  2. A more stressful arrangement is to have the "attacker" begin 21 feet behind the shooter and run towards the shooter. The shooter is successful only if he was able take a good shot before he is tapped on the back by the "attacker".
  3. If the "shooter" is armed with only an ASP Red Gun, a full-contact drill may be done with the "attacker" running towards the "shooter". In this variation, the "shooter" should practice side-stepping the attacker while he is drawing the gun.

This article is taken from Tueller Drill, my first entry at Wikipedia, the free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit.


Journal Journal: Pop vs. Soda 10

You know you're in The South when you're asked, "What kind of Coke would you like? I've got Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Dr.Pepper." Now The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy has been thoroughly studied, and you can see county by county what the most popular generic name for soft drink is for different parts of the United States. Also interesting are dialectal surveys of aunt, coupon, mischievous and others.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: King Gyanendra the Devious Elf?

In the same journalistic tradition that juxtaposed John Ashcroft with the Majesty of Justice , King Gyanendra of Nepal has been transformed into a devious elf.

This is after the king disbanded the current of the government, declared a national state of emergency and cut phone, television, radio and internet service. King Gyanendra claimed he "fired the government for failing to hold elections or to bring peace to a country racked by an increasingly deadly communist revolt," but others saw it as a power-grab.


Journal Journal: My Six-Hundredth SpamCop Report 1

Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ....
That which brings the highest happiness!!

The Full Email and SpamCop's Reporting Log

I can't decide whether this is just a Russian spammer's idea of a joke while he verifies his list, or if some bumbling Russky hit the "send" button before he finished his Viagra spam.


Journal Journal: Wacky Religious Spam 4

I received some wacky religious spam today (entire text of spam).


Of course, it comes with some very reliable numerology

VICARIOUS FILII DEI = V(5)I(1)C(100)ARI(1)OV(5)S FI(1)L(50)I(1)I(1)
DVX CLERI = 500 + 5 + 100 + 50 +1 (LORD OF CLERGY)
LATINVS REX SACERDOS = 50 + 1 + 5 + 10 + 100 + 500 (LATIN PRIEST KING)

This is straight out of the Evil Finder.

The proof that THE POPE IS EVIL (the results from the link will vary):

.. P . O . P . E
..16 .15. 16 . 5 - as numbers
.. 7 . 6 . 7 . 5 - digits added
. \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/
.. 7 . 6 . 7 . 5 - digits added
Thus, "POPE" is 7675.
Add 1977, the year Elvis left the planet - the result is 9652.
Turn the number backwards, multiply by 7 - the sacred number of Illuminati. The number is now 17983.
Turn the number backwards, and add 1983 - the year Microsoft introduced Windows 1.0. The number is now 40954.
Add 1776, the year masonry founded Phi Beta Kappa - the result is 42730.
Turn the number backwards, subtract 1934 - the year Shirley Temple starred in her first movie. The number is now 1790.
The number 1790 is the year US patent system was established (eevil).
This clearly proves how evil the subject is. QED.


Journal Journal: Can’t post from work 3

I can no longer post from work. The comment system says:

"Sorry, but according to our tests, you are trying to post from an open HTTP proxy. Please close the proxy or ask your sysadmin or ISP to do so, because open proxies are used to spam web boards like this one.

"If you have questions, mention that your proxy is at on port 80."

Right. Like I am going to tell the administrators at work that I am having problems trying to post on slashdot. I didn't even know slashdot had a problem with automated spamming. I've never seen any evidence of such a problem.


Journal Journal: Congressional Response to “Support the Freedom to Read!” 4

I have recieved an interesting response in regards to the fax I sent to Representative Patrick Tiberi from the ACLU's Action Center item, "Support the Freedom to Read!"

Dear Chris:

Thank you so much for your recent communication. I certainly appreciate this opportunity to correspond with you.

In your letter, you refer to an amendment offered by Representative Bernard Sanders (D-VT) to H.R. 4754, the Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2005. As you know, this amendment would prohibit funds used to make an application under section 501 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 for an order requiring the release of library circulation records, library patron lists, library Internet records, book sales records, or book customer lists. On July 8, 2004, this amendment failed in the U.S. House of Representatives.

This amendment was offered in response to the USA PATRIOT Act, the primary law intended to protect Americans from terrorism, approved with overwhelming support in Congress in October of 2001 following the attacks of September 11, 2001. It is unfortunate that the PATRIOT Act has become something of a political football. Misinformation has lead to false commentary, especially regarding section 215 of the Act that ammends section 501 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Interestingly, section 215 does not specifically apply to library records, but could include them, in addition to such documents as airline records, international banking records, and receipts of all sorts. Of note, these records have long been authorized for criminal activity investigations, for example, in the 1997 Gianni Versace murder case, and the 1990 hunt for the Unabomber. Since section 215 merely authorizes the court to issue orders in national security investigations, this amendment could have made libraries a safe haven for terrorist communications, including giving them unfettered access to the Internet. Furthermore, current law appropriately provides that each application be made to a judge of the court, shall specify that the records concerned are sought for an authorized investigation, and shall only be approved if the judge finds that the application meets all requirements.

Government's obligation is a dual one: to protect civil safety and security against violence and to preserve civil liberties. We can achieve both goals if we empower government to do sensible things while exercising oversight to prevent any real abuses of authority. Congress has exercised its oversight authority and, to date, has not uncovered the widespread abuses that some would have us believe are commonplace. Please be assured I take this oversight responsibility very seriously and will continue to monitor these issues closely.

Thanks again for taking a moment to share your thoughts with me. If I may be of assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Patrick J. Tiberi
Representative to Congress

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