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Comment Re:But Why? (Score 4, Informative) 130

Technically, just the MIT LCS lab, not even the whole school, had the A block.

DEC also had a class A address block for a while. HP got this, plus their own, when they bought DEC. At one point, HP had twice as many IP addresses than China.

The Internet grew way more than any of the founders thought. 4 billion addresses seemed huge back then. Look at the List of assigned A blocks and how A blocks were thrown around in the early days.

Comment Re:Who the fuck cares (Score 1) 268

Hard to Drain the Swamp if the swamp comes in and lobbies every day with a suitcase full of cash. Trump was elected on the idea that he was above being bought and manipulated, yet here he is making it easier to be manipulated. At best, very very bad optics for his "clean the politics as usual" at wors, an invitation to graft.

So, Day 88, not even first hundred days, he has no big successes, a few major failures, and probably not one campaign promise that hasn't been crushed. arguably getting his supreme court nominee in, when he controlled the senate, is his best success, and that's mostly procedural.

Comment Re:Reminder: "Hacking" was mere illumination (Score 4, Informative) 312

By your metaphor, i can take your wallet and take your credit card, since you're just going to hand it over to a store anyway. I mean, it's the same thing right? Information wants to be free and all that.

Hillary lost for a bunch of reasons, including Comey, including hacks, including the fact that she had the wrong message, including after having to listen to a black man for 8 years white males didn't want to listen to a woman. And ignore all the times where the US interferes in other elections. Anyone remember the "don't elect Lula or we'll make things hard for you" we said to Brazil?

But ignore all that. They hacked the mail servers, current law is that is a crime, they should be punished.

Comment Re:Qualifier (Score 2) 50

I run it... Bulletproof

In the niche you need it for, an embedded, Hands off XMBC/Kodi install that you set once and pretty much forget (meaning you can set it up for your folks and not worry about support calls) it's very popular. Much like Microsoft Windows would be popular with a bunch of PC makers but not so much with cell phone makers. Yeah, it's a niche, but it dominates its niche.

Or were you being snarky?

Comment Re:Blame the others (Score 1) 395

By the way, Batman VS Superman is surely not the worst of all.

Suicide Squad was particularly bad. There was a suit, interesting idea, that the trailers showed so much Joker but he was barely in the film. False advertising was the claim

For me:

*) was too much of him.

*) seems an obvious conclusion that much of his performance was left in the cutting room. Seems they thought there was too much Leto as well.

Comment Can you skip The Matrix and just redo 2 and 3? (Score 2) 542

I think this was Richard Jeni. I don't remember the exact skit, but it was something like:

Why do people make classic Movies. They're already good. Why don't you remake bad movies and make them good. Why don't you make Jaws 3d good. Why don't you make Biodome at least watchable.

Comment Re:Lots of work to do (Score 1) 160

I always say --

I really do hope there's an evil Phase 2 to Google, possibly enslaving us and forcing us to use Google Wave, Buzz, and Knol. Because if they're tracking me across every web page, every place I go, listen to everything I say, just to sell me socks, I'd be disappointed.

Comment How cross compatible is this? (Score 1) 92

From a couple news articles that i saw, certain Cell Providers are islands to themselves. e.g. RCS on T-Mobile doesn't necessarily work with RCS on Verizon and vice versa,.

In other news, yet another yet another messaging protocol from google. I guess im the one who needs to add the XKCD: Standards Image

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