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Comment I used it, barely (Score 1) 225

I even remember TurboGopher, a mac client with some 3d modiling, for no reaon other than "hey lets make these virtual things into 3d models"

It got killed like a lot of things got killed - something better came out, and at the same time people misused the gopher: protocol to DoS effect. Netscape pulled gopher: support in Navigator because of that abuse, and the nail was in the coffin.

Comment Re:The DNC sucks an asshole (Score 1) 177

though true, good luck getting someone to the left of Hillary elected.

Obama was pretty center-right. In a more sane era, he'd be a Rockefeller Republican. The Republicans would trot out this black guy, who had a racist grandma and a dad that left, show that he pulled himself up and became President. Classic Republican story!!! Nahh, instead he's somehow a radical Christian, a secret muslim, a communist AND a nazi, never do anything AND oversteps his bounds all the time.

Part of this left/right problem is the Republicans are pretty far right. Hell, they're arguing for the gold standard. O'Reilly was just arguing that slavery wasn't so bad?

Comment Re:Me is sad (Score 1) 162

WTF are you talking about? I said nothing about his opinion. In fact he's pretty happy. He's always pushing his Motorolas. He does that "wave to wake the camera thing" all day. He loved the trips. His wife, umm expectedly, hated the fact he was gone all the time. Or should he be fired because he has a human wife, that loves his company? If that's your view of the world, it's pretty dark.

Really, I have no idea where you saw me saying that he badmouthed anything.. or have i been trolled? That's the only thing that makes sense.

Comment Me is sad (Score 1) 162

My cousin's hubby is a phone engineer at motorola. He's busted his ass going back and forth to china, helping them create phones, helping teach them how to create phones. My cousin was pissed - he was gone so much. All he brought back was a cup from the local Starbuck's. Too much working to get a real present.

And all for naught. I've heard nothing but meh or worse about these new phones. They've taken the Moto-ness out and put the corporate-ness in. Motorola is gone. And he's likely to need to polish his resume soon. It's sadness all around.

Comment Re:thats nothing, (Score 1) 88

I know i'll get downmodded (probably from both sides)...

But i remember an election in Louisiana, between a white supremacist, and a corrupt politician. A slogan was "Vote for the crook; it's important!"

The crook did win... and later he was in fact indicted on something.

I don't think Hillary is a crook, at least not in the corrupt sense. I think the email server thing was a "I hate State Department IT, it's so bad" and she did what she shouldn't have done. It's criminal.

But i'd still rather have her warts than the gigantic holes in knowledge and ability that Trump has.

Comment Re:Headline is misleading and a little clickbaity (Score 1) 474

A company falling down the tubes may automate because they may save enough money to keep afloat.

A successful company that only cares about the profit margin may automate because they inflate profit margins and dividends.

it's cheaper for both entities.

Now, a larger company may realize "hey, these employees, we can kind of call them customers too". Im not sure how the economy will be if everything is automated, nobody gets any wages, and nobody has any money to buy things. It's a serious flaw in capitalism, but lets table that flame/troll war for a while.

Bottom line is: if one is a pure capitalist, you always want cheaper costs, so you'd automate at the point where it's cheaper long run to do so. Robots can be cheaper than minimum wage, union workers or no. Also, if you're an American Capitalist, you believe in externalizing, or making it someone else's problem. So, you don't care that your (former) workers have no money, that's someone else's problem. Until it finally comes around where they have no money to buy your product, and at that time you're golden-parachuted out, and it's still someone else's problem.

Comment Play Pokemon, get robbed at gunpoint (Score 1, Interesting) 168

It sucks that people can't lave others alone.

But forgetting that "people are real assholes sometimes", here you have a game that leads someone with a multi-hundred dollar smartphone to a location not necessarily controlled by them. May you live in interesting times.

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