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Comment Re:Can someone explain why this is cool? (Score 1) 81

I hope not. I mean, some random dude putting a hard drive on a wifi router and connecting a couple XBMC/kodi instances isn't all that hard. If that intimidates you, then you probably shuoldn't be on a geek website where people can do a thousand times better than that all day long.

Comment Re:Can someone explain why this is cool? (Score 1) 81

Not sure about the media infrastructure quip... please let me in on the joke? seriously... im not sure if you're saying i have too much invested or too little (my SMB server is a router with a hard drive, not a lot of time invested there).

As far as my household, i have a wife and twin infant kids. we put all the movies on the SMB server, then the big tv in the basement (for movie night) or the smaller one in the den (kids programs mostly) get it. or we watch something in bed on the laptop. For travel we use VLC on the ipad and copy things locally.

Comment Re:That quote says it all (Score 3, Interesting) 92

Umm, facebook?

the whole thing is a roll of the dice for them. Much like the music scene, you throw money at 50 people, 45 will fail miserably, 4 will come close to even, and 1 will be a rock star and finance all of the 50. It's been that way since the web came out.

The Internet doesn't even things out. By making location irrelevant for delivery reasons, it makes concentration of people/money for other reasons more relevant. So, we can Facebook corner the market for socail. we can have amazon corner the market for selling. Then any VC that bets on one of these has their rockstar and gets very rich. their roll of the roulette wheel paid off not 30-1 but 3000-1

Comment Re:Realistic (Score 1) 92

Our company was a bunch of geeks. we had an original pilot (before Palm bought them). It was a tool for geeks. the whole Graffiti thing made it hard for people to just pick one up and use them. the sync software was a bear to use and felt like an infestation on your system. Whether you like social media or not, people use it to communicate how they wish to. You couldn't do that on a Pilot. Most didn't have any way at all to network. Even the Handspring with the cell module (I had a handspring, not the cell module though) didn't allow you to network much because there was no real OS support for it. Email sucked until the Treos came out.

And hell, i liked these things. So even someone who liked them, hated how clunky they were. There's no comparison to a smart phone. a lot of computing power goes into putting things into the cloud. a lot of computing power makes things easier

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