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Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1285

Consider 2008 - do you think Trump would have conceded gracefully the way she did to Obama, never-mind agreeing to work for him in a role that wasn't even the number 2 spot?

Whoa, talk about some revisionist history. She stubbornly stayed in the race until she forced Obama to make a deal with her. The number 2 spot was taken, and she got the ideal position to add to her "Presidential" resume.

Comment Re:Now lets see. (Score 1) 1285

without enough in the tank for an emergency stimulus

*snort* You think all the money printing came from some legitimate "tank"? We've been deficit spending for a very long time. The whole monetary system is based on debt and exponential growth to pay it back. All Trump will do is accelerate the crash that has to inevitably come.

Comment Re:I think civility is going to go out the window (Score 1) 1285

Obama saying that blacks have a disadvantage after a shooting is race rioting

Maybe Obama shouldn't have endorsed a bullshit narrative that there was an epidemic of blacks being shot by cops. Instead of putting down the flames of division, he stoked them. Riots and dead cops were the result.

but retweeting an open neo-nazi

Without a citation, I won't comment.

and calling Mexicans rapists isn't???

He didn't say Mexicans were rapists. He was talking about criminals illegally coming over the border. Funny how people like you and the media turn that into "Trump called Mexicans rapists", ergo Trump is racist.

Comment Re:I think civility is going to go out the window (Score 1) 1285

I won't disagree that there are members of "the left" who shout down others as racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, transphobe, literally double mega Hitlers. But typically those are the loud-mouths who don't actually have any power - they're the outliers.

Do you believe your own bullshit? Do you remember who Trump was running against? Do you remember that she called half of his supporters "a basket of deplorables"? The mainstream, leftist media and politicians have been pushing "Islamophobia", "homophobia", "transphobia", and "racist" as arguments against their policies for years. The labels are wearing thin, and that's why it didn't work against Trump.

Comment Re:I did (Score 1) 308

There's a lot of social pressure to make certain choices, and that starts real young.

There are also biological impulses too, as studies have shown. Women are free to make their own choices.

Of course, if you think that anyone who disagrees with you is pushing for heavy-handed government programs, you're going to miss the nuances.

We're commenting on a story about the labor department suing Oracle over this identity politics bullshit. It's one of the political planks of the "progressives". Even Obama has made it an issue. Oh, but no, I'm sure you are totally against government interference in this area.

Comment Re:I did (Score 1) 308

On the contrary. Studies have born out that women have different interests than men, and they make different choices, including focusing on raising a family, less interest in tech jobs, more interest in social work, less interest in hazardous jobs, etc. But instead of just letting women make their own choices and letting the free market do its thing, you'd rather have the heavy hand of government looking at quotas.

Comment Re:There are Pros and Cons (Score 1) 52

I think, for me at least, having edit capability within, say 10 minutes of hitting the post button would be an acceptable compromise.

I'd be fine with that, even as a default option, but only if your post didn't appear to anybody else until the grace period expired. If being able to edit your fuckups is that important to you, then you should be willing to wait, right?

Personally, I'm glad Slashdot has maintained its no-edit policy. Now unicode, on the other hand...

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