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Comment Re:I'm all for advancement, but (Score 1) 290

What if you wear fixed-focal eyeglasses for driving? These will allow you to see the road just fine whether directly or through a mirror. You cannot see a video screen however unless you remove the glasses (and in my case put on a different pair.) Varifocal or bi-focal would fix this but they are not cheap.

Comment This isn't a victory for Behring-Breivik. (Score 3, Insightful) 491

Someone once pointed out that hoping a rapist gets raped in prison isn't a victory for his victim(s), because it somehow gives him what he had coming to him, but it's actually a victory for rape and violence. I wish I could remember who said that, because they are right. The score doesn't go Rapist: 1 World: 1. It goes Rape: 2.

What this man did is unspeakable, and he absolutely deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. If he needs to be kept away from other prisoners as a safety issue, there are ways to do that without keeping him in solitary confinement, which has been shown conclusively to be profoundly cruel and harmful.

Putting him in solitary confinement, as a punitive measure, is not a victory for the good people in the world. It's a victory for inhumane treatment of human beings. This ruling is, in my opinion, very good and very strong for human rights, *precisely* because it was brought by such a despicable and horrible person. It affirms that all of us have basic human rights, even the absolute worst of us on this planet.

Comment It's useful, just not several-hundred-bucks useful (Score 1) 359

I have the entry-level Pebble, the price of which has by now dropped to spare-change levels. It does most things that the Apple Watch does, except no heart rate monitor. It's fine for notifications, fitness monitoring, sleep tracking, and so on.

I never lusted after any kind of smartwatch but tried one out because it was cheap enough to experiment with. My verdict: get one, you will find a use for it. A bit like a second monitor for my PC - at first I thought it was a waste of money but now I would not give it up.

Most useful practical applications for smartwatch are (1.) Being able to look at notifications in meetings where pulling out your phone is frowned on but you can get away with looking at your watch (2.) Turn-by-turn navigation when walking through an unfamiliar city in the rain.

Comment Maybe you won't even know (Score 1) 152

If someone is waving a talking gadget around in the workplace then maybe you can do something about getting it removed. What about their smart nose stud or some other thing that does not look like a threat? The only way would be airport-style security on your office door and I suspect nobody wants the expense or inconvenience.

Comment Re:BTW, what CHEAP options are there for x64 Table (Score 1) 154

I run Rosetta Stone on an inexpensive Linx 8 tablet with Windows 10. Rosetta Stone wants you to load new languages from CD-ROM but obviously tablets don't have optical drive. You can get round that by plugging in a USB CD-ROM drive or creating an ISO on another computer. Apart from that everything works well.

Comment Attractive choice (Score 1) 82

The UK land area would fit into California with plenty left over, we're just over half the size. Our population is almost double however, which means almost everywhere is really crowded. We're also used to driving in a reasonably/mostly/hopefully rule-abiding way. I think that makes us a good testbed for driverless cars. Bring it on Google, please.

Comment This is not a new thing (Score 1) 492

In 1999 i had an extended business trip to San Jose to do stuff for Y2K. As usual my company made my travel arrangements but I couldn't understand why they had screwed up this time and put me in a shitty hotel next to a bunch of disgusting-looking shacks. It was several days before I found out these slums were actually insanely expensive homes costing five times as much as a large house back home where I lived.

Comment Bring it on (Score 1) 451

The truth is most people suck at driving. Genuinely good driving takes effort and concentration and most people however skilled or well-intentioned have got other stuff on their minds when they get behind the wheel. There's no hope of ever getting people actually to drive according to the rules so the only way is take the human driver out of the loop completely and the sooner the better.

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