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Comment They bought a good app and killed it slowly (Score 2, Insightful) 89

The original Expression app that MS bought years ago was a great start on a different style of drawing/painting app. The vectored brush shapes were innovative. MS bought it, gave it away for awhile, and that was the last I heard of it. MS really doesn't have any credibility with designers.

Comment Re:Infected? No, contaminated. (Score 1) 285

"can potentially pass the infection on," How? The entire pathogen analogy is invalid in this case. Biological pathogens put into an environment that doesn't support them die. The same is true of a malware file downloaded to a Mac. It's dead. The malware delivery truck went over the side of 1000 meter cliff and left bits of nothing significant, just some file clutter.

Comment Re:WTF? Just ask the patient. (Score 1) 981

Excellent point. While those of us with nominal color vision consider those who cannot see the world reflected with the equivalent contrasts and delineation as color-"blind," that term does have a built-in prejudice. Rather than classifying the lack of nominal perception as blindness, these conditions might be better understood and accepted if the possible enhancements afforded these differing perceivers have were noted instead. However, to the question of the morality of treating, or changing their visual perception to a more nominal state, let the individual choose. They know better than nominal viewers how they can and cannot compensate. The only fault with that decision is that it's likely not going to be a fully informed choice.

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