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Submission + - Violent porn media to be illegal to possess in UK (

Backlash writes: "Massive surveillance? Check. Building a DNA database? Check. Laws against thought crime? Not yet, but coming very soon.
The UK government is soon to pass legislation that would criminalise possession of certain types of "violent" pornography, even if it was part of a consensual session between two adults.
Lord Wallace of Tankerness pointed out an ideological schism during last week's debate in the House of Lords.
"If no sexual offence is being committed it seems very odd indeed that there should be an offence for having an image of something which was not an offence," he said. "Having engaged in it consensually would not be a crime, but to have a photograph of it in one's possession would be a crime. That does not seem to make sense to me."

First they came for the people that viewed "violent" pornography, and I did not speak out."

United States

Submission + - US visitors to Slashdot now make up less than 50% ( 1

calum writes: "Interestingly, US visitors to Slashdot now make up less than 50%, according to Alexa. (Canada, the UK, Australia and Germany in 2nd to 5th place respectively.) While of course this is not the most accurate method of measuring, it seems that the Slashdot FAQ might need to be updated.
It might also be interesting for the Slashdot site owners to allow users to put info relating to country of birth, country of current residence, nationalities held, and languages spoken in their user prefs, to help build up a more complete profile of the type of people visiting the site."


Submission + - What If Gmail Had Been Designed by Microsoft? (

caluml writes: "There is a humourous look at "What would happen if Microsoft had designed GMail". Gems include: "Another security measurement we'll add is that you won't be able to log-in with just username anymore but are required to enter the full Furthermore, we will change the browser URL from to the more professional looking""

Submission + - How to make your web browsing safer

caluml writes: "Browsers are one of the most common ways that malware gets onto your system. And if they get in, as the user account you're using now — what files would they have access to? Probably all your important stuff — vids, music, documents, etc, right? This shows how to run your browser automatically as another user, using sudo.
This mini-Howto shows you how to run Firefox as another user, using sudo"

Submission + - Best sequencing software for Linux

caluml writes: "I am looking at getting more into music making, and buying some decent-ish synthesisers.
Most sequencing software out there is for Mac or Windows, neither of which I have.
Can any Slashdotters give me their recommendations for Sequencers, Audio Editors, and Software Multitrack recording software. (I have looked at Audigy and Audacity, but wonder if there are any others that have proved themselves good.)"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Men who love Linux are Sexier

caluml writes: "A female's tongue-in-cheek look at men who love Linux finds some interesting results. Among them are: We're passionate (and that rubs off in the bedroom too), not shy about spending our earnings, are problem-solvers, and are deep thinkers.

We need to make sure sites that lots of women read know about this!"

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