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Journal Journal: Dolphin Saves Whales

I found this on CNN - for some reason I'm not surprised. Pretty cool.

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Journal Journal: 2006, glad to see it go

Well, mom passed away right before the holidays. Not unexpected, yet just as harsh. I'll miss her. I'll miss both of them. When those closest to you pass beyond the veil it makes the petty happenings of life even more meaningless. I'm still not sure how I feel. I've used the word "adrift" a number of times. 2005-2006 were long and painful years. Even though 2006 brought some healing, losing my parents...well I guess I don't need to say any more.

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Journal Journal: Working while sick 2

Here is a link to an article about those that go into the office while sick.

What is interesting is that most businesses do not provide enough sick time to enable employees that are ill to stay home. Another issue is how much you end up working to make up for the lost time. At least some places offer the opportunity to work from home when sick which allows for some productivity without the risk of infecting everyone else in the office.

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Journal Journal: Longer year...

Well, my mom had another stroke. This one can't be treated because she had a hip replacement a week prior. The prognosis is poor. She can't move or speak. She can't swallow. I guess it's a matter of time...losing both in one year. I will be happy when this year is done.

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Journal Journal: Long year

I've neglected this journal. I've been shy about blogging publically. I guess today I will give it a little bit of attention... Wow. I'm glad 2006 is almost over. Lost my dad, my Iguana of 10 years (Lizard of Ozz or Ozzie) passed away during the Summer, and I had to deal with several projects that were in trouble (inherited from elsewhere). However, 2005 was worse than 2006. At least in 2006 I found that my new job was a good one, saved the projects in trouble, I was promoted, I learned new skills and made new friends. On the down side I lost some friends (outside of my dad and my dear lizard). One in particular was a great emotional loss. Oddly though, life has been generally good. I have found that sometimes one must move on and accept change to find balance. I guess that's it for now. Not too deep, but at least it's something. Cally

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