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Comment Re:No on Prop 87? worked for us (Score 1) 543

"This is because people will buy the same amount of gas no matter how much it costs, because they need the gas to live their lives. People are also not going to buy new fuel-efficient cars just to save money, becase the cost of a new car far exceeds any savings in fuel."

Broad statements like this are NOT necessarily true just because they sound logical!

Our 1990 SUV which needs to be an SUV/4X due to it's use for work in the winter. (state law enforcement in a rural area from a urban location.)was the family 'work' vehicle . The SUV gets about max 20 mpg and was replaced with a Dodge Neon which gets 32 mph. The gas milage alone makes the payment and reduces the repair and maintainace(on the 1990 SUV.)by a minimum $2500/$3000.@ year.

True, we may have to use the SUV for moderate/major Snow days in winter but even tho they may be the exception rather then the rule, it is required to work those days even more then others. 10/12 days use of the SUV aside, the Neon is efficient, comfortable and under warrenty. We actually come out ahead in $'s and cents's with the Neon gas savings paying it's own payment PLUS.

No doubt some would find our solution unaccepable due to the macho factor or unworkable due to present personal financial reasons but personnaly it was the best and brightest solution to Nevadas $3.00 a gal. summer gas and appears to have no down side for us.
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Journal Journal: 365 new things to learn

Being one of those self motivators, I use tricks to force myself to "make the attempt".

Old but tried and true is the MS scrolling screen saver.

Having gotten lazy and deciding I knew everything I needed to know to get thru my IT day, I quit looking at things that did not have a Specific function I needed that wasn't already on my computer in one form or another. I knew a little bit about a lot of applications and too damn little about most to make them useful.

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Journal Journal: Great grandma who has done linux on her computer

Let me preface this by stating right up front, "I am dyslectic as well as, sorely mechanically and mathematically, challenged". There are as many forms of dyslexia as there are types of diabetes. My particular form is a bit on the weird side. Dark fonts on a light background make the print dance. In the latter part of the 90's when all the major websites turned their sites BLACK for the Blue Ribbon campaign against the U.S. rumblings regarding possible censorship, I discovered that I

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