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Journal callingalloldhippies's Journal: 365 new things to learn

Being one of those self motivators, I use tricks to force myself to "make the attempt".

Old but tried and true is the MS scrolling screen saver.

Having gotten lazy and deciding I knew everything I needed to know to get thru my IT day, I quit looking at things that did not have a Specific function I needed that wasn't already on my computer in one form or another. I knew a little bit about a lot of applications and too damn little about most to make them useful.

Quandary was "call in 'OLD'", or go looking for "new stuff" to learn.

Hence! Old Faithful! At least once a day I walk past the PC or look down at my laptop and see "I WILL LEARN ONE NEW THING TODAY"!

Some days provide ah! ha! moments! Some, but interestingly enough, few, provided extreme 'and whose bright idea was this? 'moments. Famously math challenged, I am really impressed at how much that adds up to. The depth and breadth of that new knowledge ranges from what a working class favorite breakfast food is in India, to the ACTUAL existence here in the USA, of very territorial, migratory mushroom picking, tribes who stake claims, and have feuds. They may be comprised of up to three or four generations of various Asians tribes. Like Prohibition, the X ' insert wild mushroom name here, group arranges a meet with their Buyer who buys by weight leaves and when his take for the day is done, he meets up with the wholesaler, who then... and TaDa! BOSCO..or Elmer's Produce.
Important things I learned this month: #1. I have a brain tumor #2. It is 99.9999 likly benign #3. I am going to die #4. NOT likely from this BT but most likely old worn out parts (factory on strike) #5. Everything/everybody dies #6. I am putting a history of 1920-2006 for my Great Grandson Wyatt (oh my! I got to see so much) and hang on...more to come #7. Today I learned (reading /. at least 3 articles) You are aware YOUR combined voices will be heard, divisions be damned. They will give you not one snippet more then you DEMAND. You have Rights! Demand them! Those rights include forcing those who do not serve the people to join the 'unemployed'.

No problem is so large it can't be fit in somewhere.