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Comment Re:Finland is not foreign? (Score 2) 98

The Finns later took advantage of chaos in Russia as an opportunity to tell the Russians to GTFO.

The independence of Finland from Russia wasn't due to the "Finns telling the Russians to GTFO", it was a decision made by Lenin, partly for pragmatic reasons, partly due to his warm feelings for Finland after he found shelter there when he was still a political outlaw.

Comment Re:A pity, but not a surprise (Score 1) 95

So, why do you feel that it's your responsibility to tell other random people about random stuff you buy? Are you getting paid to do so?

I'm an Amazon Top Reviewer, and I started reviewing in the late 1990s. I can't remember what drove me to start reviewing, but I've certainly found it worthwhile over time. I tend to review some niche categories of music and books, and while they audiences for these products aren't all known to me personally, it's not quite "random" and one feels that by reviewing one is helping out a community of peers. Also, with a written record of my tastes and impressions from a given time, it's also interesting to see how my views about literature or recordings have changed over the years.

Many top reviewers had the opportunity to make some money from their status by eBaying the freebies they get, but not me. At some point I started getting offers for free products, but all but a handful of those offers disappeared when I mentioned that I now live outside the US -- no one would want to pay such high postage to get promotional materials to me.

Comment Re:Automation hits the white collar sector (Score 1) 69

Does it really take less time to "proofread" a machine-generated translation than to write one from scratch?

No, but there's a much larger labour pool for proofreading and correction and it is considered relatively unskilled work, so it cannot command a high wage. Translation, on the other hand, is considered skilled work to some degree and not everyone has those skills. So, if a company hires someone to fix machine-translation output, they will save money by paying the employee less even if the amount of time for the employee remains the same.

Comment Re:Unregulated (Score 1) 333

It's hard to say it's unregulated.

First of all, certain things are required on the packaging. Those are regulations.

The ingredients list is one of those things. It's supposed to reflect what is inside. If it doesn't, that's fraud.

If you want to ensure that every container accurately reflects its ingredients, you'll have to have FDA inspectors present at every production facility, just like USDA inspectors are present at every slaughterhouse.

You'll be sure there's aloe in the aloe gel. The only problem is, it will cost so much to manufacture that only megacorps will be able to sell any. Small businesses will be shut out. And the products will probably cost twice as much.

What we need are more studies like these, to catch the fraudsters-- not more regulations.

Comment Re:The opposite is true (Score 1) 531

Editorial bias is one thing, blatantly burying a major news story(WikiLeaks) because it doesn't fit the agenda is equal to being "fake news site". Oh sure, they ran a one or two minute piece once, but TRUMP IS A RACIST runs for 38 minutes every night.

There is bias (accidental unintentional) and then there is rigged reporting. Calling it bias is ... cute..

Accurate reporting on the sayings and doings of deplorable people tend to make them seem deplorable. It's not the fault of news outlets, mainstream or otherwise, that the right chose to rally behind a racist demagogue.

Comment Re:Precisely (Score 1) 531

When people decide they're only going to trust news from sources that we know make up stories (and repeat stories from similar sites), how do you prove anything to be a lie?

You can't cure wilful self-deception, but reality will, once the problem gets bad enough. Of course, since we now have nukes it could well be there's nobody left to dig themselves out of the ashes.

Comment Re:They didn't succeed though (Score 4, Insightful) 667

*sigh* He's not. You never saw Rev. Sharpton hanging out with David Duke, but you saw him with Trump. You saw Jesse Jackson with Trump. You saw Latinos rallying for Trump

This "Trump is a racist" meme was entirely fabricated by the left-wing media that took offense to his "Mexican rapist" speech-- when "Mexican" is a nationality and arguably an ethnicity, not a race-- and decided to pretend he was advocating for white supremacy. Trump also once made a contemptuous statement about women-- about the same time Hillary was calling young black men "superpredators" and lauding the continued disarmament of them through gun control laws. I am aghast at how much traction this completely fact-free narrative took-- but not surprised, because it's easier to vilify someone than refute his points and policies. And I'm a guy who voted for Gary Johnson.

Comment Re:No fear of conservative backlash (Score 1) 470

I don't know how long the majority of news sources have had the liberal bias - perhaps since the days of Nixon? - but at least in my whole adult lifetime they have been slowly destroying their credibility with their leftward bias. It's going to take a sustained effort to regain trust.

Comment Re:MPAA, RIAA and Big Pharma (Score 4, Interesting) 355

A very large segment of the population no logner cares if trump is good or bad, they are just sick of getting screwed by the politicians, and if trump ends up screwing them just like every other president in recent history, at least some of the elites are likely to take it in the shorts as well. Its the scorched earth mentality, and it is the logical result of 30+ years of policy that favors the wealthy at everyone elses expense.

They're tired of elites, so they elect a guy who flies around in a literal gold-plated private jet plane. They're tired of getting screwed, so they elect a professional conman. And they're tired of the wealthy getting everything, so they protest and condemn as socialism every attempt to equalize incomes or provide basic services, such as Obamacare, to the less wealthy.

You ever wonder if maybe there's a reason nobody much cares what these jackasses want?

Comment Talking about abolishing the electoral college? (Score 1) 1081

A Republican President must have been elected.

It's funny how state agreements outside the Constitution are OK when they're left-wing states. They could form a Constitutional Convention, and abolish the electoral college that way, but no-- that would give weight to the smaller states, and they would need 75% of the states to ratify. Let's just have populous states like California and NY make all of our decisions for us, instead.

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