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Comment My First post (Score 5, Informative) 250

I've been a lurker for a long time, probably a couple of years before registering for an account, and have never posted a thing (I have moderated over the years) I'm going to break that tradition now for: Beta is awful, please please keep access to Classic. I cannot read Beta on any device other than my home PC. If I can't read your site, I will not be coming back. Please do not completely break Slashdot

Microsoft Cuts Surface Pro Price By $100 341

SmartAboutThings writes "After discounting the Surface RT tablet worldwide by 30 percent, Microsoft is now cutting the price of its Surface Pro tablet by one hundred dollars. Steve Ballmer himself has recently declared that he was unhappy with the number of tablets Microsoft has managed to sell. The price cut offer is valid between August 4th and August 29th. It might continue or stop, according to the supply. The price cut is applicable to Surface Pro 64 GB & 128 GB models."

Comment Re:All things considered (Score 1) 318

Yes, that's why my ancestors came here.

Please note my use of the present tense, and yours of the past tense. It used to be that America was the best country to relocate to. It's not that anymore.

[Multiculturalism is what] the rest of the world will never be able to match us on.

What I find difficult to match is your parochialism. At my workplace we have had Indians (lots of them), a half-Pole, a Chinese guy, we came once close to hiring an Iranian, we should soon get a Korean, we collaborate with a Kosovan from neighbouring division, and by the way I am an immigrant myself. This is East Germany, the part with least immigrants. In the West there are entire communities of Turks, Italians, and Vietnamese. Today I was at an event where I could count at least the following nationalities: Italian, Polish, Serbian, Montenegrin, Chinese, Indian, plus other people I did not know but who did not look ethnic Germans. And then there are people who could be ethnic Germans but who are not, like me.

Other thing: one of the five major German parties is headed by Cem Özdemir, a Muslim who did not even have citizenship 20 years ago.

Point being: America is still branded as The multicultural nation, but it is just one of many, and not necessarily the best to live in for immigrants anymore.

And yet, amazingly enough, Einstein decided to come here. He even wrote a letter to FDR encouraging him to undertake the development of a weapon of mass destruction.

Whose potential he did not know, that he later opposed, to which he did not contribute, and then there was that pesky issue of being at war with Nazi Germany that could have developed that weapon first, which changed perspectives a bit. But hey, don't let the fact that Einstein was a pacifist and a socialist get in the way of your selective quoting.

but when the chips are down you have no problems begging us to come and save your sorry ass.

When Churchill asked you to enter WW2, you stayed back because you did not want to enter. It took Japan to roundhouse-kick your ass at Pearl Harbor and Hitler's declaration of war on the US to get you into the war. Also, the US did not really do that much: the Soviets did most of the work against Germany, you only fought against 14- and 40-year-old that Hitler had placed on the Atlantic Wall. So learn some humility and stop posing as the world's saviour.

America wasn't an interventionist power until the rest of the free world got clobbered twice in the span of twenty years by aggressive non-free countries.

Seriously, you need to lay off the neo-con Kool-aid and read up some history. The US stole half of Mexico, conquered the kingdom of Hawai'i, invaded the Philippines, Cuba, made Latin America into series of satellites, and I have not yet started with the whole colonisation-of-the-West thing yet.

I seem also to read in that twice word of yours that WW1 was a war with an "evil" side. WW1 was a usual old-style war among European powers, and who won mattered very little for the state of civil rights in Europe. The US waited to see who was going to win before jumping on the winner's bandwagon.

Ireland is part of the British Isles but I don't hear anybody demanding that the British call themselves "UK'ians".

Curious indeed, "British Isles" actually is a controversial term rooted in colonialism, because Ireland is not British. "British" refers, er, to "[Great] Britain". In fact I recall distinctly a UK newspaper's article criticizing Ulster Unionists for defining themselves "British", whereas they are subjects of the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland", and their bit, the argument went, is not British. And anyway, UK subjects do not call themselves "Europeans", or use the word "European" to indicate anything actually related only to the UK.

Comment Re:Um, I'm doubtful (Score 3, Interesting) 362

I've co-founded a start-up or 3. My co-founders and I have never offered 'a theatre-style lounge complete with projectors, cable TV, Xbox, and PC gaming rigs; unlimited free soft drinks and the company pays for outings like trips to sports games, amusement parks, newly-released movies, paintball, you name it'. We do always make sure everyone has good hardware and a pleasant working environment. Also, we make sure our team members are well paid.

IMHO, all else being equal, good pay is a much stronger retention mechanism then toys and free drinks. It's especially critical if you're looking to recruit and retain people with families. Better for productivity too.


Comment Yet idiots welcomed HDMI and BD+ (Score 4, Insightful) 345

Is this really a shock? Did people think that cable companies have any interest in user rights, hell if they could get away with just making you pay $50 to broadcast nothing but commercials they would do it in a heartbeat. People fell for the "oh look its shiny" HDMI push early on even though component was and is fully capable of 1080p. People fell for bluray even though it has much stricter content restrictions. Now we get to welcome our broadcast flag overlords. Hope everyone is happy...

On another note...Time Warner and Comcast announced plans to start trials of their TV Everywhere product which is basically an slingbox type service that will stream video on demand for a "nominal" fee. Of course some may see this as a way to get the sheep to accept bandwidth caps and show the govt they are "promoting" streaming video to cover their ass for the few brave enough to complain.

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