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Comment coding academies are legit (Score 1) 132

I have hired a number of 6 weeks immersive course graduates for our development team. Although skills and aptitude is certainly variable several have shown themselves to be excellent engineers, in some cases outpacing their traditionally educated team members.

That said there are certainly gaps in their education and general understanding of the field but that does not preclude them from making a general contribution.

Comment Re:DRM (Score 1) 123

This is a terribly misguided and misinformed post.

DRM has nothing to do with the agency model. You can have DRM with or without an agency model. DRM existed on e-books long before the rise of the agency model.

The iPhone does not require DRM and many books from iBooks store don't have DRM on them. In fact, in most cases the ONLY reason why an iBook cannot be used on a Kindle is because of the Kindles non standard file format (without first converting it).

Jobs pushed for the agency model on books to eliminate Amazon's stranglehold on e-books. It was attractive to publishers. Nothing more, nothing less.

(It is true that by eliminating Amazon's stranglehold on books the price of e-books rose because publishers could set their own prices. Amazon has responded by by-passing publishers and trying to get authors to self publish books on Amazon. So it goes.)


Comment objective C (Score 1) 878

Objective C is arguably as complex as Java and C++. It's not hurting Apple any and the general integrity and quality of applications on Mac OS X is quite high. In contrast, Microsoft has much simpler language in Visual Basic and the application written in VB are arguably the lowest quality applications on that platform.


Comment Re:'Bout time (Score 1) 917

You said they did not own up to a problem, that's false, they did.

You said they did not apologize, that's also false, because Steve Jobs did, personally, apologize several times.

Now your saying that because during this marketing event Apple also said good things about themselves the apology does not count and your throwing in a murder analogy - in the context of a problem with a cell phone - to somehow justify your inability to keep your facts straight.

What will you do for encore?

Comment Re:An Embarrassment To Watch Unfold (Score 1) 917

Dude, honestly, Jobs - the CEO of the company - said he was 'truly sorry' that anyone experienced problems, he offered a solution by offering a free $29 product, and he said that anyone not happy with that solution can have all their money back (up to and including contract cancellation).

What more do you want?

Comment Re:So how bad was it? (Score 1) 917

I have an iPhone 4 and I can't reduce the bars while holding it (without a case) no matter how I hold it. Neither can anyone I know. Possibly we're in the wrong area or something but it's not an issue for any of us.

Frankly, the proximity sensor thing is more of a problem. I've muted people accidentally a few times.

Also, for the record, the iPhone 4 drops way less calls then the 3GS did.

Comment Re:I see a lot of denial in this post (Score 4, Insightful) 917

"We admit that screwed up, and bad. We'll make it right. Here's how."

Steve Jobs: 'We're not perfect. We want to make *all* of our users happy.'

Steve Jobs: 'We screwed up.'

Steve Jobs: 'To our customers who are affected by the issue, we are deeply sorry"

And obviously, they are trying to make it right by giving you a free case and, if your not cool with that, giving you a full refund, no questions asked. What more do you want exactly?

Comment Re:Operative words (Score 4, Informative) 286

IPhone apps do not have access to email or text messages or the data in any other app except through a very well defined API that requires user confirmation in virtually all instances of data sharing.

In many cases there is no way to access the content of another app (email for example).

It it also not possible for an app to make a call without user confirmation and it is not possible to send a text message at all.

Now this is, in fact, sort of a pain because I'd really like to build an app that sends or receives text messages but it does make for improved data security.

Comment Re:Are they...surprised? (Score 4, Insightful) 562

And do you accept that the Safari browser on the iOS devices has the right to purge all web ads and replace them with Apple ads? Why not, right?

Your actually very astute by pointing this out. The application advertising is only the first skirmish in the battle. Apple will almost certainly permit these ads to be shown in Safari using some kind of proprietary extension. Because iAD adds earn significantly more than AdSense these will get extensive adoption and significantly improve support for iOS devices.

It's a real smart move by Apple.

Comment Re:Are they...surprised? (Score 2, Interesting) 562

If you buy a device from vendor you are buying into whatever the vendor is selling. In this case your buying into the 'word of Steve' and the word of Steve today is 'the only ads you will see will be served by Apple'.

If you don't like it, don't buy it, that's the free market way.

(Honestly, despite Google crying foul this has 0 impact on consumers. Does anyone care who serves the advertising?)


Comment Re:And thus there was Android (Score 3, Insightful) 562

In fairness, Google elected to compete with Apple in the mobile space with Android, the desktop space with the Google OS, and with a web browser (based on a technology currently largely driven by Apple no less). Then, when Apple tried to buy AdMob Google pulled the stool from under the deal.

If you were Apple (which is to say Steve Jobs) would you not be rather pissed? I certainly would be. If I had a legal recourse to retaliate in a business context I almost certainly would.

You've got to hand it to Apple they played this one really well. The FTC just approved of the Google/AdMod deal on the strength of Apple competition and so Apple feels pretty confident they can compete aggressively with little chance of the government crying foul.

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