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Comment Re:that would be the opposite of intelligence (Score 1) 70

That seemed poetic, but kind of pointless.

Can you use your own "intelligence" on the caustic, searing surface of Venus without billions of dollars of infrastructure? I'm guessing not. You're not as "independent of your environment" as your analogies imply.

And something that uses fewer resources over time, instead of needing to be fed more and more every day -- that may be "life", Jim, but not as we know it.

Comment Re:For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 1) 352


There is zero proof that the Russian government hacked the DNC. Zippo.

What this is, is a president desperately trying to stay true to his promise to not put more boots on the ground. (Commendably). But also keep favor with the war-party heading into an election where the Democrats are traditionally unloved. (Not so commendably).

But... The war-party knows only too well that this is a trap: A back-door into starting the war they've been dreaming about for decades.

Comment Re:No, it's not time. (Score 1) 183

Two fingers for two-dimensional scrolling, horizontally as well as vertically, without any strain from fine-motor pointing.

Three fingers left or right for back and forward navigation.

In the Good Old Days of the Fingerworks keyboard, a host of other gestures for cut, copy, paste, left-button-drag/right-button-drag, double-click (without the additional strain inherent in a quick repeated motion) -- all 100% programmable, not only by what key combination they generated, but by dimensions and speed of the gesture to accommodate different hand sizes and movement patterns.

I really, really miss that keyboard.

Comment Finger. Works. (Score 4, Interesting) 183

Glad to see someone's already covered Fingerworks. I'm still sore at Apple, though, for shutting them down and sitting on so much of their gestural vocabulary. My TouchStream keyboard let my wrist RSI heal, and I still miss it (it eventually failed after a number of years). If I could buy another, with support, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I see a lot of people here complaining that "trackpads suck" and "gestures suck" and "tapping sucks", because (apparently) their trackpads suck. I'm totally happy with my Macbook Pro's trackpad, with one push-to-click surface, which I only use for dragging; taps for everything else. But, yes, using the trackpad on an HP laptop was physically painful.

Fingerworks did a remarkable job of getting gestural and zero-force input right. Apple didn't completely ruin it when they bought out the technology. It would take a lot to independently engineer a system that works as well, but if anybody has the resources to do it, it's probably Microsoft.

Comment Re:Is this in the US only?? (Score 0) 191

Whoa careful now. That sounds like the kind of question a scientist would ask.

You're being far too logical. Are you a climatologist? Please leave the evidence-based questions to the professionals.

There's grant money on the table here and cogent questions like that can really mess things up.

Comment Re:In light of recent news coverage... (Score 3, Interesting) 125

Perhaps you missed last week's reports of exploding washing machines. Entirely unrelated to the phone-battery problem, of course, but the last thing a large consumer-goods manufacturer needs is another reason for people to post dumb jokes about them on social media...

Comment "Training their own replacement"? (Score 2) 20

Well, this would certainly be new take on that popular business practice.

From a game-theory POV, I suppose this is the best move; if you're convinced AI is going to make your "profession" obsolete, position yourself at the forefront of the transition, so you can cash out on your company's success before all your peers lose their jobs.

Comment Re:FCC & EC. How is it done? (Score 1) 55

On the other hand, streaming back video would be greatly simplified. You wouldn't even need to stream it, really -- just display a solid white field. Or, for that matter, just have the user look at a white card, which will faithfully represent the drone's POV in the tiny fraction of a second before the drone, the card, and the user are vaporized.

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