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Submission + - Ontario launches Universal Basic Income Pilot (

epiphani writes: The Ontario Government will pilot universal basic income in a $50M program supporting 4,000 households over a 3 year period. While Slashdot has vigorously debated universal basic income in the past, and even Elon Musk has predicted it's necessity, experts continue to debate and gather data on the approach in the face of increasing automation. Ontario's plan will study three communities over three years, with participants receiving up to $17,000 annually if single, and $24,000 for families.

Comment Re:So much goddamn bureaucracy. (Score 1) 70

Tell us what else leans to the left from your perspective. The horizon, maybe?

I'm not sure there's a correlation between bureaucracy and "leftists", but I'm willing to concede that putting one dictator in charge is an effective way to get rid of bureaucracy. We'll probably differ on whether that's a good thing.

Comment Re:Driverless (Score 1) 273

Plus, a terrorist could load it full of explosives and program in the target and turn it loose like a smart bomb.

Trucks are more expensive than suicide bombers. In fact, I'll wager that hijacking autonomous vehicles to deliver bombs will remain more difficult and expensive than brainwashing "martyrs" into doing the job.

Comment Re:misleading nonsense about fantasy matter (Score 1) 156

So a very simple explanation is gravity from the mass of the galaxy warps space in such a way that mass around it seems sped up.

Yes, astrophysics and cosmology are very simple when you don't bother with numbers.

I'd be happy to see your personal theory peer-reviewed, but I'm afraid the reviewers will probably want to see some numbers. For bonus points, make some falsifiable quantitative predictions. ("Future scientists will laugh at today's dark-matter theories" doesn't count.)

Comment Yes. (Score 2) 88

VR can "fail", and will, because people don't stick with games where the main challenge is "keep from barfing".

To clarify: today's VR will fail, as did VR from the 1990s and 2000s. We might get there in the 2020s, with tracking cameras operating at kilohertz frame rates, displays refreshing at 300Hz or better, and a graphics pipeline that doesn't introduce more than a frame or two of latency -- IF game designers put some serious thought into maintaining consistent motion perception among all modes (visual-field, inner-ear, proprioceptive).

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