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Comment Re:I wonder what (Score 2) 100

The traditional products SGI was known for are gone... this new company, Rackable, which lifted the SGI brand in 2009, does some pretty interesting integrated rack products, both on density and power consumption.

What I don't understand is how HPE bought a company that did over $500M in revenue for $275M. This doesn't make sense.

Comment hows about some citations (Score 0) 693

manishs, I don't come here for some random single paragraph from you with no citations, references, follow-up reading material, or even a basic inclination about why we should care. Yeah, the brexit stuff is big news. You've done exactly nothing to try to shed light on the very questions you ask. How's about you find something, then post it.

Comment Re:Copyrighting APIs (Score 5, Insightful) 106

While I agree with your premise - read the judgement. It's actually pretty impressive. The judge clearly took the time to learn some programming and some java. It's a very well thought out, and clearly well informed judgement. For a judge to dive this deeply into the issue gives me some hope for some of the other idiocy of the legal framework around software.

Comment Re:And the election was handed to Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 605

I don't think I could vote for Trump, but going for Jill Stein (or maybe even the Libertarian candidate), or writing in Sanders, is a distinct possibility.

And herein lies the risk. I don't have a horse in this race (I'm Canadian), but it's hella interesting to watch. What I expect is the lowest voter turnout in history. Both of your choices suck, assuming Hilary holds her current path to be the democratic nominee.

If Trump wins, you'll have a drastic and immediate push by both sides of the isle to reduce the power of the executive before he takes office. Hey, that could be good. If Clinton wins... expect a whole lot of nothing to change.

Comment Re:Can't make it any worse... (Score 4, Interesting) 68

The Yahoo Japan comment is interesting. Yahoo Japan is completely separate from Yahoo Inc -- Yahoo Inc owns 34% of Yahoo Japan, Softbank (A Japanese conglomerate and major telco in Japan) owns 41%. It's a completely independent, publicly traded entity, of which Verizon wouldn't even be getting a controlling or even largest shareholder position in.

It's an odd thing, sort of like saying "we'll buy your web, oh and also a really good investment position - we'd like that too".

Yahoo Japan is valued at ~25B USD... and Yahoo Inc is valued at ~34B USD. That would suggest that without Yahoo's 31% stake of $8.5B in YJ, Yahoo Inc would be worth less than Yahoo Japan.

It could very well be that Verizon is buying their Yahoo Japan position and taking their web business as part of the deal, rather than the other way around.

Comment Re:Don't even need to board it ... (Score 1) 400

I'm a frequent flier, and the extended search happens regardless of watchlists. I get it randomly about every 30 flights - 2-3 times a year. It's a bit annoying as it takes me out of the priority line, but the extra search is not really that extensive - a palm check for chemicals and a few extra questions.

Granted, frequent fliers know how to expedite these things: look bored, tired, and very slightly annoyed. Have everything exactly in order. Fly carry-on. Have your FF badge visible and be part of TSA-pre or whatever you can find.

Comment Re:Why is this news? (Score 1) 284

This is not minor news. This was a major news item when the long-form was made optional, and it's been a plank of the Liberal platform to reinstate it.

Statistics Canada is a point of pride in Canada, albeit minor. That organization has been referenced internationally as an example of how to collect and provide information for detailed governance. When the long-form was made optional, the Harper government came out and said that an optional long-form would be nearly statistically identical in results, yet provide privacy to those who wish it. The head of statscan resigned over this.


So yeah, bringing it back is pretty recognized here.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 4, Interesting) 706

This is a bit like saying you're going to send someone to jail for getting rear-ended waiting at a traffic light.

I totally agree, data security is a big deal - but I think "gross negligence" probably covers the fact that someone did not put proper security in place. Beyond that, it's an arms race. You can't hold someone responsible for being hacked, unless they've demonstrated that they didn't even try to avoid it. Reasonable preventative measures.

The same reason you can't claim insurance when you don't have any locks on your house. But if they really want to, that moat and electric fence won't stop someone from breaking into your house.

Comment Re:Thanks to reader sleepypsycho for the poll idea (Score 2) 169

Timothy - this poll is interesting because it speaks to people's perception of themselves.

Slashdot actually has these statistics. It'd be really interesting to go back and run the numbers, and see if the polling is inline with reality. We don't often have a way to verify the accuracy of any poll - but in this case, we do.

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