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It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: A good day

Actually I'm just bored( Well not bored, so much as avoiding my Multivariate Calculus homework ;) I also wanted to see what the "It's funny. Laugh." topic would have a picture of. First off, the journal thingie sounds like it's supposed to be about news and such....but that's boring, if I have an opinion I put it with the with that said let's go over what picture should be. First it could be a simple laughing face. That would imply you were supposed to laugh, or it could be one of those things like on a know where they have the laugh track and they expect you to laugh since they have a pre-recorded sound bite that implies funniness. Now that would all be well and good but that in itself isn't funny. I think it actually means that the picture itself is hysterical and I'm going to laugh until I explode into no fewer than 9 bajillion pieces. In that case the possibilities are could be a Zebra, or maybe a still frame of when Al Gore open mouthed kissed tipper, perhaps Darl McBride he's like a court jester, or simply a white box with a red box on top. Anywho, while I was pondering all of the possible funny things it could be, I realized I had already eaten my taco. Now my good day suddenly takes a turn for the worst. It was going so well: avoiding homework, eating a taco, etc. But now it's shot. My homework isn't done, my taco has VANISHED(Like the large flashing vanished sign when Shinji 'vanishes' from the cockpit in Evangelion), and I'm left with only 10 empty bottles of Jolt cola in our car. Now let's talk about the significance of my use of the word 'our' in the previous statement. Now God in the old testement always refferred to himself as us. Such as 'let us go down', or 'let us destroy a city' ad infitum. Anywho that's kinda what I meant, but not really. I could also have split personalities and be referring to all of them at once, since technically they all use the car. The answer lies somewhere inbetween, and yes the EVIL POPE is involved, in case you were wondering. Something of humerousness, since this post may or may not have a picture that implies it will be funny, is the fact that I DELETED two other journal entries because they were boring and rambled on and on. Thankfully this one does NOT ramble and is highly interesting, so it's safe to read, since I know your one of those people who reads the last line of a book first so you can go ahead and spoil the ending. But since that previous sentence wasn't the last one I suppose it doesn't apply...but see I can confuse those who do read the last line first by putting something meaningless at the end. No! I don't mean I'm going to put the SCO license at the end, that would be wasteful. Anywho I guess I could wrap this up in a nice neat little package...which I'll do right now after establishing the end of this sentence, so there will be no need to read beyond this period ->. And then Mrs. Brown was sent to the gallows, for all her months of rape and abuse...she shed only one tear before they released the floor from beneath her...HA I GOT YOU you were supposed to have stopped at a previous period, but since you didn't you must have read this you already know what happens to Mrs. you probably won't even read the rest of my story.
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Journal Journal: Why Java Sucks

Well I read something about LGPL being 'viral' to Java. I say screw Java. I tried to do Java programming today, after a year of being completely away from it. I built a simple program to get random numbers and pass them between classes, and IT COMPILED the first time...BS!! Programs are supposed to be chaulked full of so many errors you spend twice as long debugging as you did writing it(Except Perl). Anywho, Java sucks...nuf' said. If anything is viral it's Java itself. Did you know it was originally made for household appliances. It's in your toaster watching you as I randomly type words. It's in your TV watching all the smut ads they have nowadays. It's even in your computer whilst your merrily typing away to convert your porn collection into ASCII art so you can view it in Lynx. It's an evil, bastardized 'language' made by Bill Gates and his borg buddies. Okay so it's Sun Microsystem's, which is supposedly in competition with Microsoft...but we all know it's a front. Microsystems and Microsoft have the first 6 letters in common, coincedence? I think not. Let's delve further into the facts that prove Sun == Microsoft(In a C++ Object pointer sense, not a copy all the variable idiocy sense). First is foo. Second is bar. This is Percent-S works at both companies, while Fred and Bar throw midgets down Bob Barker's Plinko board of sexual harassment. If you ask me it's a big conspiracy orchestrated by the government, who in turn is just a puppet, a marionate if you will, whom the evil 'God' manipulates into dancing to his chipper little tune. Damn Java, may it burn in hell with Bill Gates and the Pope!!!!!!! Anywho...I'm typing quite poorly today since I'm tired as hell, I can't sleep, or the clowns will eat me(And yes I meant sexually). So if any of this makes sense you should probably see a psychiatrist and psychologist as well as a family therapist, it'll really help you to hate the mental health care workers.

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