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Apple To Face Challenge At WWDC 264

Amanda Callahan writes to tell us that Apple's upcoming WWDC could be quite a test for the Cupertino powerhouse. They will most likely be missing Steve Jobs for star-power and have extremely high expectations to meet in order to maintain their edge. Thankfully it looks like Jobs will be rejoining Apple later this month with a good prognosis after facing severe health issues. "The competition is now catching up. Palm, Google, Microsoft, Nokia and Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, are all at varying stages of developing and introducing their own iPhone-like devices and software, along with easily accessible stores for the small programs known as applications, or apps, that run on those devices. In some cases, those companies are releasing a greater variety of phones, on more wireless carriers around the world, than Apple. To maintain its advantage, Apple must preserve the impression that it is far ahead of rivals when it comes to the capabilities and the 'cool' factor of its devices."

Comment Re:Packeteer iShaper (Score 1) 218

We currently use their equipment for our company after doing a trial test over 512k WAN links to support workgroups of 5 to 50 people. The key thing is you will need additional hardware at the home data center: their IShared if you have files to share back at corporate for the Ishapers to talk to, and then a IShaper controller (for central configuration of all shapers and QoS classes) and at least two shapers at the home office (for redundency). When you have that hardware, expect to see a large increase in file access times (2x to 10x as fast) and then your QoS for your traffic.

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