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Comment Re:Practical, not technical solution (Score 1) 115

It baffles me why you would wait until divorce to take an interest in your kids' lives. Are they just a point to score over your ex-wife and useless until then? Do you expect your wife to tell them you're an utter bastard the second you're divorced but sing your praises beforehand?

Who said anything about waiting until divorce to take interest in kids' lives? Who said anything about degrading spouse?

Sometimes, life does not give you a choice in the matter in being separated from your kids.

Comment Re:Another nail in Media Center's coffin (Score 1) 3

I have contacted Rovi and they told me the issue was turned over to their development team but looking at the sheer number of markets and cable providers reporting issues on the Microsoft Connect website indicates that Rovi's database was and is not ready for widespread release and adaptation and that it will take a long time for Rovi to correct if they are actually able to correct.

Submission + - Apple Patents Bank Account Balance Snooping Tech (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple’s latest patent filings shows that the company is looking into displaying advertising based on your available bank balance. If Apple moves forward with this type of technology it would be a complete 360 on its previous direction to not monetize everything they know about it. Tim Cook has even said multiple times that companies are targeting consumers on multiple fronts and that he’s completely against using customer information in this manner and its not the kind of company he wants Apple to be.

Submission + - KickassTorrents Disappears From Google After Penalty (

An anonymous reader writes: Following what appears to be a severe penalty, the popular torrent site KickassTorrents has become pretty much unfindable in Google. Meanwhile, the top search result in many locations points to a scam site that's serving malware to its visitors. For now, only DuckDuckGo presents the real site as a main result. With millions of visitors per day, KickassTorrents is arguably the most visited torrent site on the Internet, and has gained new users during the moments when the notorious Pirate Bay has been offline.

Submission + - Microsoft breaks Media Center with EPG Snafu 3

caballew writes: In early July, 2015 Microsoft announced that the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for Windows Media Center was being updated on July 7, 2015 with new video data packages. This update to the Media Center EPG changed the service provider for the EPG from Zap2It to Rovi. Since the update a large number of reports have been posted to the Microsoft Media Center Feedback page (login required) indicating that the EPG data feed from Rovi has significant data quality issues relating to incorrect channel lineups, outdated and incorrect program data and failure to load the EPG from Rovi through Microsoft. Other web sites including TV tuner support forums and other popular HTPC forums are also reporting issues.

It's been 10 days and Microsoft has not issued any statements regarding their intentions for resolution of these problems or provided any updates to correct these issues

Submission + - Data Store and Spying Laws Found Illegal by EU Court (

WillAffleckUW writes: The EU High Court found the United Kingdom's data retention (and subsequent storage and analysis) and surveillance laws to be illegal throughout the EU, which subsequently would be an argument in courts in Australia and Canada against their own Spy laws. This effectively brings back the Rule of Law that all EU citizens have a Right to Privacy that is at the Bill of Rights level, not an easily short-circuited legal basis.

It is uncertain that this would apply to US spy laws, as a Right of Privacy is only inferred by US high courts and is not written into constitutions as it is in the EU, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Comment Re:You no longer own a car (Score 2) 649

Um, I don't think they're using those in any modern headlights yet, except maybe for a handful of high-end luxury models perhaps. They still aren't installing xenon headlights on "normal" cars yet, only on the higher-end (30k+) models. They've come down some, but the $15-25k segment still uses old-fashioned halogens.

And xenon headlights are pretty easy and cheap to fix, at least if it's just the bulb; the bulbs are readily replaceable, no different than the halogens.

You need to go car shopping, $30K+ is very common nowadays. And HID headlights cost from $70 to $250.

Comment Article surreptitiously pushes an agenda (Score 1) 179

For Russia's space industry, it appears that these budgetary pressures have been a blessing in disguise. Rather than waste billions on an inefficient rocket for which there is no commercial demand — as NASA is doing with SLS (under orders from a wasteful Congress)

samzenpus is using this article to present his opinions as facts while completely ignoring the valid reasons for building the SLS. The SLS is not going to be used for launching communication satellites or taking tourists to space. SLS is not a commercial project but a scientific and exploratory project to enable mankind to escape low earth orbit while preserving the U.S. space launch capabilities.

Comment Re:The terrorists are already here. (Score 1) 250

The American people are virtuous but that is not reflected in our governments' actions.

Most American people are:
a) like sheep, always ready to be led by some demagogue without understanding the reasons or consequences
b) indifferent until it affects them personally
c) critics who always complain but never get involved.

Today, corporate and elitist interests write our laws, own our land, and start and profit from our wars.

Very succinct. I don't know if I have ever heard expressed better.

Comment Re:The terrorists are already here. (Score 1) 250

Then again, you could be ignorant and insane. So now you're blaming Russia or China for releasing sarin in Syria? That makes sense........

I didn't blame anybody. All I said was that even if it promoted U.S. policy it doesn't mean the U.S. did it. I might be ignorant because I don't have the facts but your statement shows is you couldn't comprehend my point. I'd rather be ignorant than stupid.

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