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Comment Re:Easy Work-Around (Score 1) 157

prove that was your intent

I think it'd be pretty easy to prove once Air BnB's records show that you had already rented the room in advance to another person for the second week, and to a third person on the third week and so on... it looks almost like you intended them to stay only a week, doesn't it?

Comment Re:Assumptions (Score 1) 894

but then no one will need to work at all, will they?

As the cost of labor approaches zero, the cost of goods approach the cost of raw materials plus profit. In "some distant future" everyone must work or starve, or some new system for allocating resources must be found.

Factories are already full of robots (in the US).

I'm wondering how many of those factories are in places where they got a property tax exemption years ago because they were "creating jobs". How much leverage does a facility with 0 jobs have in negotiating property tax exemptions?

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 894

then it will be time to discuss the basic income

What is the saying? You are nine meals away from anarchy? That's not much time to discuss basic income. I propose we discuss it now, then have a solid plan to act on when we get down to 6 or 7 meals away from anarchy.

Comment Re:Assumptions (Score 1) 894

They own the trucks and equipment now

How did they get the money to buy the trucks and equipment?

sjames makes a huge deal over the "million dollar daddy" but for everyone who starts a company who doesn't have rich parents to mooch from, the answer is that the founder had a previous job from which they saved money before starting their company. If the master plumber automates their work, then they no longer need to hire apprentice plumbers, and the next generation of plumbers will no longer have a job from which they can save up money to start their own shop.

Personally, though, I don't see this will become a permanent problem without a major libertarian takeover of the country. Reason: your factory full of robots has a nonzero property value, and therefore is subject to property tax. At some point, hiring a human will cost less than the property tax on your robot, especially as the monetary value of the robots' output falls. Of course, that supposes that the robots don't start assembling themselves causing their own cost to drop. In that case, with a major libertarian takeover of the country, people could sell a blowjob or two to raise the capital to buy a robot (unless someone invents a robot that gives killer blowjobs).

Comment Re:So lemme see if I understand this... (Score 1) 146

I'm curious how this could be challenged anyway? Would the real poster just show up to the proceedings and shout "No! I'm Spartacus!" from the gallery floor? Seems like a quick way to get hauled out by a bailiff. Neither the plaintiff nor the defendant would call you as a witness since that would blow their cover.

Comment Re:What's your point? (Score 4, Insightful) 146

It has nothing to do with whether or not the content is defamatory, or even if the content is defamatory. It looks like this movie script runs like this:

Plaintiff: "Your honor! I accuse 'Bob' here of defaming me by posting scandalous slurs on his website!"

"Defendant": "I admit I run and posted horrible things on it, but I refuse to shut down!"

Judge: "I hereby order you to shut down"

Plaintiff: "Hey google, I have here a court order demanding that be shut down. Please kindly stop people from finding this site"

Google: "Well, if it's a court order I don't have to think about it. Request complete."

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