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Comment Wow, just wow. (Score 5, Insightful) 114

So apparently an ISP being able to tell people up front what their fees and charges will be is a

burdensome requirements [...] that impose serious and unnecessary costs

I guess this explains why big ISPs like Comcast and such manage to fuck up billing people on a regular basis. It's just too goddamn hard for companies to know what they charge for their services.

Comment Re:Once you take away the need for FT benefits (Score 3, Informative) 147

Dunno where you work, but around these parts all the part time jobs are scheduled by the week, and half of them will fire you if you can't show up in 30 minutes when they call you in for the lunch rush or inventory night. Oh, you're at your other job? Oh your other job wants you from 11-2PM next week too? Tough shit, but hey, you only lose half your income.

Comment Re:Marketing slowly sneaking up on common sense? (Score 2) 129

The worst part of the whole thing is that the ads following me around are more like. "I see you just bought some pillowcases, here's some more pillowcases you might be interested in." Except that's not really capturing the absurdity of the Amazon ads, since they follow me around AFTER I buy the thing, so it's more like you go back to Bed Bath & Beyond and the sales associate walks up and says "Oh, you bought these pillowcases last time you were here. Would you like to buy more pillowcases?"

Comment "Not I," said the cat. (Score 1) 2

I suspect what you saw is from some javascript inserting new articles without refreshing the whole page. The script is screwing up and inserting them inside the yellow "best VPN" ad box at the top of the page causing the yellow ad box to stretch over them and make them all look weird.

Comment Re: Against TOS (Score 1) 652

Can you point to the article in the Constitution that gives the government the power to demand facebook passwords from people?

The constitution doesn't apply to non-citizens or citizens. It is an exhaustive list of the powers of the federal government, with additional notes on things the federal government cannot do.

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